Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your Questions Answered

So I've got a few questions to answer... let's get to it.

Someone wanted to know about the nailhead trim I used on the upholstered headboard I made.

I purchased a nailhead trim kit from a little hole in the wall upholstery shop when I was visiting my parents in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-- that probably won't help you.  But, I have ordered upholstery supplies from Beacon Fabric & Notions in the past-- and they do sell nailhead trim kits.  Trim kits are nice to use because you don't have to worry about getting all those teeny tiny nails in straight.  You just roll out the nail tack strip and pound in a nail where they're an open spot every 5 "nails" to secure it. This method is quick and easy-- but I did find that the nails provided with my kit didn't match the strip perfectly-- they were slightly darker.  Can you see what I'm talking about?

Because I'm picky-- I will admit that it does bother me on a regular basis!  But at least the trim is straight!  Uneven and crooked nailhead trim is the worst.

Next question-- what's the name of the Ikea console table in the entryway?  Ikea makes it very tricky to find this particular table-- it's actually classified as a dressing table.  Mine is the called the Malm Dressing Table-- when I went to purchase it I was also considering the Malm Occasional Table.  The Occasional table was cheaper, but in the end the Malm dressing table was shorter so it fit my entryway better and I did like that it had the drawer.  Wow-- if you say "Malm"  too many times you start to feel weird.

You'll notice that the table comes with a piece of glass for the top.  I've opted not to use it because it has  greenish tinge and I was worried that it would come crashing down on one of my kids.  Anyone want a large and heavy piece of hazardous greenish glass?

Next... a question about our upcoming Italy Trip-- Is Doug good with museums, architecture, art history and naked statues?  Ummm... Yes?  He may not have the same level of appreciation for art and architecture that I would have-- but he does enjoy experiencing new cultures and place-- so I'll think he'll be okay :) But really-- pizza, cheese, and pasta.  Need I say more?

And finally-- Did you know that the rhino at the Aldergrove zoo is named charlie?  what is your rhino named? 

No.  And-- rhino.

Any other questions?


Unknown said...

Thanks! I love the table... and the rhino. I thought of you when I saw it on the cover of S@H. The dead giveaway for the high and low:)

Amy Bergman Loewen said...

Oooo, I have a question as well. Have you done a post about the paint colours you chose in your house? Both wall colours and trim? I'd be curious to read it!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

omg... I'm from Saskatoon! Can you tell me where you picked up the nailhead trim kit??? Just found you through Danielle!

Anonymous said...

You can find nailhead trim at century upolstery or Lee Valley

carleigh davey said...


mom23 said...

HI, I'm new to your looking at your beautiful home! May I ask where you bought your blue/white duvet cover? I'm not normally a "blue" person, but I am continually drawn to that duvet! Thanks for sharing your ideas :) Julie in FL