Friday, February 24, 2012

Pink Friday

Today-- nastiest weather ever.  All day-- pouring rain.  It's cold-- and it started snowing like crazy as I was out and about all over town.  It's a good thing I decided to not blow dry my hair today-- because it would have been in vain.  I was soaking wet the minute I stepped out the front door.

So what does a girl do on a terribly grey rainy day like today?  Stay home in pajamas and drink tons of steaming hot coffee?  Nope.  You drive yourself to the nearest mall and buy yourself a pair of pale pink jeans.  Yup.  That's exactly what I did.

You can get em at the gap.  They are super comfortable.  trust me.  And they looked surprisingly good. I tried on the hot pink ones and it was like "WHOA, I"M WEARING REALLY REALLY BRIGHT PINK JEANS!!!".  The soft pink or "rose" ones were perfect.  Pretty and perfect.

So in honor of pink jeans day, I will leave you with some other pretty pale pink inspiration.  Because on a day like today, everyone need a little pale pink in their lives.


I've officially declared today pink friday.  Happy Pink Friday everyone!!


Unknown said...

I love all those inspirational images. The one with the skateboarder is a perfect blend of mine and my guy's style! Love the jeans.. I'm jealous:)

Carol said...

I love your new jeans. Should look great in Italy!

Bonnie said...

I bought a new pretty pale pink maternity blouse with a skinny belt and wore it to class on Friday. Didn't even know it was "Pink Friday" because we're a day ahead. I must just be SO "with it!" ;) haha
Love the jeans you bought! Are you gonna show us how hot you look in them?

InteriorGroupie said...

Well done! This post made me smile - amazing rose jeans you found. I watched Cityline today and they said the Material Girl line at the bay have some great vibrant ones for $30.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Is that a picture of you in the jeans! :0)

How are your kids doing? getting better?

Team AC said...

Love the jeans... let's see a pic of you rocking them! Are they for your Italy trip?


Fiona said...

Love all the pictures. Can you tell me where you found the kitchen picture? I'd like to find out what they used.

Melissa said...

Umm...adorable! Can't wait to see a picture of you rocking those jeans!