Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Around... Almost

Over the past 2 weeks or so, Caleb has started to roll over! We have found Caleb to be very determined and intense when it comes to playing and moving about. He's always surprising us with how much he wants to get around. Every morning we wake up to find him in a new position or a new place in his crib. Somehow, he manages to wiggle his way over there during the night. When we have him lying on the floor, he's started arching his back, doing bridges with his head and feet to try and move around! This morning I had him lying on the area rug in our living room by the fireplace. I left for a few minutes and when I came back he was 2 feet away from starting position lying on the laminate flooring! This kid's going to be trouble.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Caleb's First Christmas

This year Caleb had a busy first Christmas. First of all, we headed down to Vancouver to spend some time with the Toews family. It was nice to just relax and hang out at the hotel, and we even went on the Christmas train at Stanley Park (I don't think Caleb enjoyed it too much-- he cried through most of it!)
Here's Caleb and I getting ready for the train ride. Wide eyed and mystified.

He got to wear his brand new peacoat from Rachelle. Lucky kid.

Auntie Kristi and Auntie Rosanna joined us on the train ride.

As soon as we got back from Vancouver we unpacked, did some laundry and then quickly repacked our suitcases because we were heading to Saskatchewan.

Caleb taking it easy, watching some TV while Mom and Dad are frantically trying to pack.

This was Caleb's first trip to the farm. I just love spending time there during the winter. It may be cold, but it's so crisp and clean. Winter on the farm also brings with it some fun activities that you just can't do in Abbotsford. My little brother had the bright idea to have races with my old car. It's pretty beat up, and was just sitting around collecting dust, so Joel took out the tractor and plowed a race track for it in the field. So, one afternoon we had time trials through the track. After getting stuck multiple times, pulling E-brake slides around the corners, and overheating the car a few times, Doug managed to pull ahead into first place, but only by 2 tenths of a second. I was close behind.

As the one and only grandchild, Caleb stole the show. He got more presents than anyone else, although he wasn't sure where to start when it came to opening them.

Who ate Grandpa's chocolate bar? I haven't seen it (says Caleb).

Caleb also got to spend some time hanging out with his Uncle Joel. After several days together he's decided that he wants to be just like him when he grows up-- since he sure is pretty cool. Lookin good Joel!

Here he is spending some time with Auntie Angie and soon to be Uncle Tyler.

Sisters reunited once again.
Caleb decided that he enjoyed playing speed scrabble. Learning to spell already.

After just over a week of fun in Saskatchewan, it was time to head home. Here's Caleb saying goodbye to Grandpa at the Airport.

Home sweet Home. We'll be back soon!