Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Going Grey

Selecting a grout color for the backsplash feels like a bit of a big deal... cause once the grout is mixed and it's being troweled onto the wall there is no turning back... you better like what you chose!  Over time I've come to realize that when choosing grout, not every white is created equal, and the perfect shade of grey can be a lot more difficult to find than you think.  I've outright avoided using the grout sold at at Home Depot because their grey options are either really dark or very beige-y brown, and it seems like people feel like the color samples they provide are not a true representation of what the final color will really be.  For the bathroom/kitchen tile in this project we ended up purchasing several shades of Flextile grout and were really happy with the colors and the way they ended up looking.  So today I popped into a local tile shop that sells Flextile grout (Tiles for Less here in town) and picked up some samples of their different grout color choices.

So far I think I'm leaning towards the "Bone" color... it's a nice light shade of grey that contrasts the tile nicely and works well with the countertops.  (the sample is perched on one of the top tiles in this picture!)

I'll probably stare at it for several days in varying shades of lighting (because that's just the way I am) before deciding... and may see if there are any other brands out there that have a grey that could work...

Anyone out there have the perfect shade/brand of grey grout they'd like to share?

In other "grey" news, the kids have their new headboards up in their room... and they're grey!

Originally we were planning to build the kids beds with drawers for clothes storage but as time went on we realized that we would never have time to get that project started.  So... time for plan B!  I scoured craigslist for some cheap wood headboards and found two that were pretty similar.  I opted to paint them grey... and am really happy with the way they turned out!  I used Rustoleum's Slate Grey in a gloss finish in case you're wondering-- they look pretty dark in this picture but it's actually a nice medium grey.

The next part of the plan is to instead outfit the closet with custom shelving/drawers for all the kids stuff-- which will be quicker to build and way cheaper to accomplished than building beds.  In the meantime we've got dressers in the closet!  I've got some more details to finish up in this room... then I'll have to share more pictures!