Friday, November 01, 2013

Our Family

I'm really bad at following through with some things-- getting family pictures taken is one of those things.  Sure I take lots of pics of the kids on instagram, but getting photos of all of us-- all dressed up and (somewhat) smiling-- that almost never happens.  But since Sawyer's joined our family I figured it was time.  I wanted some good pictures of the whole family that capture our kids at this stage of life-- those crazy, chaotic, fun, energetic moments when you've got a bunch of littles running around.  And... success!!!

Thankfully, I have an amazingly talented, beautiful, friend who takes such incredible photos.  Andrianne totally captured the personalities of my kids in these photos.  You are gifted my friend!  If you could only see the chaos that went down that afternoon trying to keep the kids happy and looking/smiling at the camera.  It was epic-- Sawyer was crying most of the time, Caleb couldn't help but be cheesy, and Eme (believe it or not) was so grumpy.  And yet Andrianne managed to pull it off-- she captured the kind of pictures I love-- the candid, fun, family pictures that offer a glimpse into our life with kids!  I love them!

And since there are SO many pictures that I love-- I can't choose just a few to post-- I've got to post a LOT... and on facebook and on instagram... prepare to be overloaded with pictures!

And there they are!  Now I have the impossible task of choosing just a few print and put up in our house!  The gallery wall will be getting an update I think... :)