Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Successful Day Was Had By All

Well, Doug did it again. Today Doug and Todd went out fishing for the day with the plans to (and I quote) "not come home until every living creature has been caught." Doug was certainly successful. This time he managed to pull in a 35 pound Spring Salmon. As you can see, it is definitely not the most attractive looking fish, but it certainly made a delicious meal. Kristi worked her magic in the kitchen tonight a prepared an awesome meal for us all. Thanks Kristi!! Meanwhile, Brianne and I also engaged in some productive activity. We set out to Langley with the plan to not come home until every great deal has been found in the mall. And, as you can see, were certainly were successful as well. I love Saturdays!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Homecoming for Kristi!!!

As some of you may know, Doug's sister Kristi came home yesterday after her (almost) year in Australia. We all got together to celebrate her homecoming.

Here Doug and Micah are showing how happy and excited they are that Kristi is arrived home safe and sound.

More Family Pics...

As promised, here are more pictures from our weekend in Waldheim...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving in Waldheim

Well, I began to download some pictures of our weekend, but unfortunately this computer I'm on isn't letting me add all the pictures I wanted to post. Anyways, I thought I'd might as well publish what I have-- so here's a little overview of our weekend in Saskatchewan! Doug and I flew to Edmonton on Friday afternoon where we met up with my two sisters Angie and Trisha. They are currently students in Edmonton, so we caught a ride with them out to Waldheim that night. We got to the farm at about 11:30 and were greeted by my parents, my brother Joel, Caroline (an exchange student living with my parents), Ryan (a guy who's boarding with my family), and a bunch of their friends. We all sat down to a late night snack with lots of food (the first of many feasts over the course of the weekend). The next day we spent in Waldheim, watching some Volleyball and hanging out with friends. After church on Sunday, we all went out for a meal at Jerry's Food Emporium (one of our favorite spots in Saskatoon). That evening we then went to one of the famous Foth family gatherings, where we saw a bunch of my extended family. On Monday, we all rested at home! We spent the day playing outside, playing card games inside, and just relaxing. Today, Doug and I had breakfast together at Thomas Cook (you can't beat the 3.99 special!), and are now getting ready to fly back to Abbotsford tonight. There's the summary! Now, here's some pictures:
Here's a picture of my sister Angie with her boyfriend Tyler. It was the first time that Doug and I had the chance to meet Tyler, so of course, we were a little suspicious (yeah right!). As you can see from the picture, they are a fun couple to be around. Hopefully we can spend some more time with them at Christmas.
This weekend Doug and I had the chance to meet Caroline, a girl from Germany that is currently living with my family. She came to Canada to study and improve her English. Everyone loves her, and she fits right in with our family. She even decided that she wanted to pierce her naval so she could fit in with me and my sisters. So, Sunday afternoon we took her to Schmata's and she had it done! She didn't even scream or freak out, but my mom had to sit down since she felt like passing out for Caroline! She is now one of the girls. It was fun to hang out with you Caroline!
Well, it was a wet and rainy weekend on the farm. The roads were not gravel roads anymore, they were mud pits (something Doug really enjoyed). Doug and I couldn't resist getting into some rain gear however, and exploring the farm. We found tons of sheep, baby kittens, and a llama. Don't we look attractive in our rain gear?

On Saturday, we had the chance to go watch my little brother Joel play some Volleyball at Waldheim's annual Alumni Tournament. It was fun to watch him play-- he gets better every time we go to one of his games-- and it was also good to see some old friends from high school.

I was very excited to run into these girls-- Lindy, Jodie, and Crystal. Some of these girls I haven't seen since graduation, so it was good to hang out and catch up a bit. I love you girls!

Here's me and my sisters watching some games. Everyone comments that we all look alike. What do you think?
Well, that's all for now, I have a few more pictures to add, but that will have to wait. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did this Thanksgiving weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

We're Heading Home!

For those of you who may have heard the rumor, it's true! Doug and I are heading home to Saskatchewan for Thanksgiving this year. We're going to work a half day tomorrow and then fly down to Edmonton where we'll meet up with my sisters and drive home together. I am so excited to spend the weekend in Waldheim-- hanging out with my family, watching some Alumni volleyball, eating some turkey, it's going to be great! Hopefully we'll have the chance to see some of you this weekend while we're out there. Watch for pictures of our weekend!