Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Month of May

I know, it's been a long time since my last post, but let me tell you, sometimes blogging seems more like work after I've been sitting at my computer all day in the office! However, Doug and I have been up to quite a bit lately, and I guess it's time to update everyone on our lives. Let's start at the beginning. Well, first of all, my sister Angie came out to visit us for the first week of May! We did some fun stuff together, like heading down to Bellingham for some Target and supper at Billy McHale's (I would highly recommend Billy's, let me tell you. So would Rosanna, right?). We also spent a day down in Vancouver doing some sightseeing, shopping on Robson, and eating out. Here's a few pic's of us enjoying a beautiful day down in Vancouver with our beautiful sister.

Unfortunately, we were not able to spend the entire week doing just fun stuff. We also put Ang to work. On April 30th Doug and I took possession of our new condo. Let me tell you, it was definitely not move in ready. In fact, it was so shabby (and actually disgusting) that I wouldn't have let my own pet live there (if I had one). So we started tearing it apart. We ripped out a wall, all the carpets, all the baseboards and mouldings, and the light fixtures. Doug's dad was over at our place everyday that first week helping us get all the work done. After all the demo was completed, we painted everything, installed laminate in the kitchen and living room, had new carpet installed in the bedrooms, and put up all new mouldings. Unfortunately, we are still working on our place. We've made it our goal to get at least 1 thing done each night after we get home from work, and we also have weekend projects. At this point, we have a couple more light fixtures to put up, the countertops need to be replaced, and Doug is working on building us new kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Hopefully it will all be done by the time the baby arrives at the end of summer! Here's a couple pictures of the demo!

Not only did Angie come to visit us this month, but my Mom and my little brother Joel also came out to see us! Joel was playing in the National V-ball tournament here in Abbotsford, so we spent the weekend watching his team play. We also had a little fun together too. Red Robin's is alway fun, right guys?

Here's Joel focusing in on the court. Isn't he cute?

Well, I think that pretty much covers what we've been up to this month. Once we finish off a few more things I'll try to put some before and after pic's of our place on my blog. I'll also have to take another pic of my fairly large belly one of these days. I think I've run out of room in my non-maternity shirts, and I might have to head out and buy some maternity ones. They're just so expensive, especially since I'll only be wearing them for another 3 months! Besides outgrowing my clothes, this pregnancy has been pretty good so far. I've been pretty comfortable these past few weeks, and pretty much back to my "normal" self. I feel like I have lots of energy, I am still enjoying work, and I love knowing that there's a baby on the way! Even though we haven't had a whole lot of time to think about the baby and get ready for it (we have been pretty busy with our house), it's been so fun to feel the baby moving and kicking. I think we may have an active child on our hands, since this kid is out of control some days. One night I balanced the TV remote on my stomach, only to have it kicked off! I'm pretty sure it's doing gymnastics in there. Anyways, I think that's all I have for now. Hope you all enjoy the pictures and the little update!