Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bath Time and Other Fun

Teething, maybe?

Gotta love the rubber ducky...

Caleb has an intense love for the bath tub. He bathes very regularly (sometimes more than once in a day) and loves every minute of it. He doesn't mind water in the face, and even fell face first into the water tonight... he didn't mind...

Why ride, when you can stand? I smell trouble :)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Vancouver Aquarium and Fun with Dad

Last weekend the whole family got together and decided to head to the aquarium for an afternoon of fun! It was Caleb's first time, and he had a riot! Here he is playing in the kid's section. There was this kids hideaway that had a tunnel of fish... Caleb would run up and down the ramp over and over again. So many kids, so much action... he was very excited.

How about we try on a fish costume? I thought it was a good idea, Caleb didn't.

Peace out buddy. Micah was the cool older cousin.

The three cousins deciding what to see next.

Now, I'm not going to lie to you-- it was a fun afternoon, but not without its stressful moments. Trying to keep an eye on your kids when they are in the middle of a huge, crowded place with tons of other toddlers running around is quite the challenge. Caleb has proved to be a little escape artist. As soon as we put him down on his feet he would take off running as fast as he could without looking back. I think we'll be getting a leash for him.

For those of you who don't know, Doug has been off work for the past month. He has been having some back problems, and was told to say home. So, he and Caleb have been doing lots of male bonding while I've been at work. Doug spent some time compiling all of the short videos of Caleb into one long one-- now Caleb's favorite activity to sitting in his highchair watching himself star in his own mini-movie.

He smiles, laughs, claps, and does all the actions.

Caleb and his dad are so relaxed during the day, that I often come home from work to find them still in their pajamas! I guess I would do the same if it was up to me.... :)

Playing with his tractor from Great Grandpa & Grandma Toews. He's getting ready for his first real tractor ride with Grandpa Foth!! Just a couple of weeks till' Christmas on the farm!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zoo Day

Doug had the day off today, so he decided to take Caleb to the zoo! The boys first took me out for lunch during my break, and then took off for a fun filled afternoon at the zoo. It was Caleb's first time, and I think he had a blast! He's turning into a real animal lover, just like his Dad.

Here are my boys!

Caleb really loved that Cheetah. Now every time we ask him what the kitty says, he says "Rrrrrroar"!!!

Checking out the camels...

And a good day was had by all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sask Shout Out

Auntie Angie from Sask really wanted to see some Caleb pics tonight... so here they are! This weekend Caleb wore his prairie boy hoodie! We were thinking of the folks back home this weekend, and Caleb really enjoyed spreading some Saskatchewan pride!

We took Caleb shopping and bought him his first Magna Doodle. He was really grateful for his new toy.

Caleb had his first real haircut... Toews boys style. Doug pulled out the clippers and buzzed his head. He sat perfectly still while Doug worked his magic.

Here's the before... (sporting his mullet)

So exciting!

Hair in the mouth... yuck!

All done! What a big boy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Fun

This fall, Caleb was able to spend some time with Yvonne , Kyra, and baby Jayce. He had a great time playing with those kids, and Kyra was a great helper. Here are a few pictures from their playtime outside.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


My good friend Anj was babysitting Caleb for me last month while I was at work... and here's what they were up to! She is a great photographer, so if you'd like to check out some of her other stuff, she has a facebook page:

You can also give send her an email at anjpetersphotography@yahoo.ca if you'd be interested in having some pictures taken of your family or little one!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Party Extravaganza

To celebrate Caleb's birthday, Doug and I decided to throw him an awesome birthday party. There were friends, burgers, cake, balloons, and lots of presents-- all the essentials of an awesome 1st birthday party! My good friend Anj was the party photographer-- here are some of the great pics she took of the evening:

Caleb and his Auntie Kristi

One of the rare times that Micah gets to drink pop... (stay tuned for the after effects)

Welcome to the party boys!

Caleb was really excited that all of his friends could make it.

This one just melts my heart-- Keziah, you are so pretty!

What do you think they're talking about? Wedding plans, maybe?

Grandma and Keziah

Remember the pop? Here's what happens when a three year old and coke mix!

The birthday cake!

Singing happy birthday... At one point I thought he would break into tears, but he managed to hold it together!

Give me my cake! I've waited all year for this!

First bites... this is pretty good!

Mom! That's my cake!

Opening presents... and starting to get sleepy... not a good combination.

And once Caleb went to bed... everyone else decided to break in his new toys! Who knew toddler toys could inspire so much fun for a group of adults!

Thanks for coming everyone! Happy birthday buddy!