Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Quick Before and After

I'm still alive.  Truly.  I am.
Just busy with life, and kids, and all the other fun stuff that comes along with that!

I keep getting emails from lovely people asking questions about my kitchen and other such things.
It's amazing to see that people are still stopping in to visit this blog!

From time to time I remember that I have a blog that I used to write regularly.
And from time to time I start to feel like I want to start posting stuff from our house again!

Maybe once school starts up again around here (school is NOT starting in our neck of the woods as the teachers are on strike!!) I'll have more time.  But how about a quick before and after...

After our lengthy kitchen renovation we took a much needed break from any renovation projects.  But a few months ago we finally decided to tackle the downstairs play room.  The goal was to make it look bright and fresh using only the things we had around the house.  In the end we ended spending a tiny bit of $$ on a couple sheets of plywood to add rustic looking planking to one of the walls, but other than that, everything (even the paint) was just sitting around the house waiting to be used!

So here's the before.

I took this picture before we got started on "operation makeover the play room".  This really was the play room in it's best "before" state.  You can actually see some of the floor in the picture.
Usually you could not.

After purging about half the kids crap toys we painted the room.  Caleb was super helpful.

We ended up adding wood planking to the one wall since the drywall was not in nice condition... after a few throw pillows and a gallery wall of a some mismatched frames from around the house the room was done.

(not the best quality photo-- I know.  But who has time for a real camera these days!!)

This room turned out to be one of my favourite rooms in the house-- and we spent next to nothing to change it up!

Oh, and now I want to paint the rest of the house white!  I know you all already think it's white-- but now I want WHITE white :)