Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We're Officially Outnumbered Now...

We knew we'd be welcoming baby number three to our family over the weekend... we just didn't think it was going to be on Saturday!  I was schedule to be induced on Sunday, but our baby boy decided he couldn't wait another day and decided to surprise us a day early!

His name is Sawyer James... and we all love him like crazy!

I woke up with mildly painful contractions on Saturday morning and by about 2 pm in the afternoon I called labour/delivery to see what I should do-- felt totally fine to stay at home still, but due to some of my risk factors (previous c-section and placental abruption) wasn't sure if I was supposed to stay home. They recommended coming in so the baby's heart rate could be monitored a bit before making any decisions, so Doug and I made our way over to the hospital.  Everything looked good and I still felt pretty fine as the contractions were pretty inconsistent, so I figured I'd be going home for a while.  But, when they checked me I was already 4-5 cm dilated... and we were all pretty shocked.  So, I stayed.  By 6 pm there wasn't any real change, so the doctor decided to break my water.  An hour later the contractions were coming fast and furious, my nurse was calling the doctor every few minutes telling him to get his butt back to the hospital asap, and I knew this baby was coming... like right now.  The doctor walked in the door and after 2 minutes of pushing little Sawyer was born.  A little 8 lb 5 ounce bundle of cuteness that shrieks and squeals louder than any little baby I've every heard.  

I was shocked.  After having two complicated and somewhat dramatic deliveries with my first two kids this quick (but still painful :) and uncomplicated delivery went better than I could have ever imagined.  We  have been praising the Lord for his goodness and protection throughout this experience.  Every baby feels like a miracle-- but Sawyer's safe delivery seems so much more miraculous after the drama of my other two kid's births.

And now we're home.

Life with three kids feels pretty crazy-- but pretty great too.

But I've gotta tell you-- it feels good to be home!

In the end, I'd like to acknowledge the following things for making the first few days at home so great...

1.  My Mom for entertaining our other two kids, starting to potty train Eme, and for doing my laundry (and all of Eme's potty training laundry!)

2.  The epidural free delivery that has kept my legs and ankles from swelling up like crazy

3.  My gestational diabetes for allowing me to slip right back into my pre-pregnancy jeans this morning.   Never in a million years did I think that was gonna happen :)

4.  My new Keurig machine that provides me with hot coffee at the push of a button at all hours of the day.  Not having to wash another coffee pot or clean up messy cold coffee grounds is SO worth it these days.  And let's be honest-- when you're awake at all hours of the night with a squeaking, squawking (but still very cute and snuggly) 3 day old baby you need caffeine-- instantly.

And now Doug and I are outnumbered... and loving it :)