Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zoo Day

Doug had the day off today, so he decided to take Caleb to the zoo! The boys first took me out for lunch during my break, and then took off for a fun filled afternoon at the zoo. It was Caleb's first time, and I think he had a blast! He's turning into a real animal lover, just like his Dad.

Here are my boys!

Caleb really loved that Cheetah. Now every time we ask him what the kitty says, he says "Rrrrrroar"!!!

Checking out the camels...

And a good day was had by all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sask Shout Out

Auntie Angie from Sask really wanted to see some Caleb pics tonight... so here they are! This weekend Caleb wore his prairie boy hoodie! We were thinking of the folks back home this weekend, and Caleb really enjoyed spreading some Saskatchewan pride!

We took Caleb shopping and bought him his first Magna Doodle. He was really grateful for his new toy.

Caleb had his first real haircut... Toews boys style. Doug pulled out the clippers and buzzed his head. He sat perfectly still while Doug worked his magic.

Here's the before... (sporting his mullet)

So exciting!

Hair in the mouth... yuck!

All done! What a big boy!