Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreaming of...

Let me share a few words to describe the past few days in this house...

pink eye, sinus infections, asthma, snotty noses, trips to the doctor, trips to the pharmacy, puke, very little sleep, children turning into savage animals when you attempt to put drops into their eyes, quarantine, cabin fever...

you get the idea.

At random times during the past few days I find myself on google looking at pictures like this...

(and those pictures are in order-- our itinerary is Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice)

Less than three weeks-- and after the past few days-- I can't wait.

But there is one thing that I'm just a little worried about...  What am I going to wear?


Dan and Lynn said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a really rough week! Hope your kids are feeling better soon, and that you get a break. Looks like you've got a great trip to look forward to, though!

Team AC said...

What are you going to wear? Well, as someone who travels a lot, I'd say pack light... it's hard to do when you want to bring everything, but trust me, when you're lugging around a massive suitcase, you'll be wishing you'd only taken a carry-on!

Pack a few things that go with everything, and then some accessories to fancy it up a bit.

Also, wear really comfortable shoes that won't give you blisters. I'd say runners, but those don't look so nice, so see what else you've got.

On our trip to Italy I bought new shoes the weekend before, and already had blisters by the time I'd walked out of the airport... not good!

Happy packing!


thedailyparagraph said...

just found your blog, and wow- what a trip you are going on! my husband and I went there in 1980 B.C. (before children) clothing? check out Rick Steves travel site- he shows how to pack for a trip and also has really great travel videos-have fun!!!

Elissa said...

Corinna-- there's no way I'm lugging a massive suitcase all over italy. Totally just bringing a carryon bag. And for shoes I think I'm going to bring my toms and an old pair of comfy flats-- although I did try on a pair of nude flats at aldo on the weekend that were adorable. so tempted :)
Beth, B.C. :) Hilarious!

Kirsten said...

Oh, those pictures bring back some fabulous memories of summer. You are going to love it! I actually wore flip flops most of our trip and had no problem. I walked HOURS in them! No runners for this girl : ) Bring some fun dresses. I loved wearing cute dresses in Italy and France.

Danae said...

Oh, you will have so much fun! My only advice for what to wear is comfy shoes that you can walk all day in, and a money bag to put under your shirt or pant leg.

Kirsten said...

Oh...and renting a bike in Rome is fantastic! We went all through the parks galavanting around. It is a great way to rest the feet for a bit.

stephanie joy said...

ha ha!
i know... what to pack, right?
ok, comfy shoes is a must... but comfy shoes that are cute and not always "sporty".
hey, i'm all about sports, i play several, but when i'm on vacay in italy with my hubby, i wanna look cute... not like i'm about to play soccer in the streets.
so... i did some searching online and found these:
i did so much research and i think they fit the bill.
comfortable, stylish and cute!
i bought a pair.
a bit of a steep price but i think they're worth it.
i wore them all around florida last week and they didn't let me down.
yes, i'll put on my nike free run's when my feet really get sore...
but til then, ballet flats it is!!
oh... and lots of cute dresses and capris. ;)

(hey are you guys staying in cinque terre?
i want to hear all about how vernazza is doing since the flooding in fall.
be sure to let me know.
we changed our reservations from a vernazza place into manarola)

Trev and Rebekah said...

Wow, hope those kiddos feel better. I remember having to actually have my mother-in-law come over to help me pin down my son a couple of years ago so I could put drops in his eyes for the pink eye!

Anna said...

We did this exact trip last Sept.
We loosely followed this itinerary

Rick Steve also has some free down loaded audio guides the vaporetto tour in Venice was great.

In Venice we stayed at Casa Sant' Andre Hotel It was really clean and close to all transit & the airport

In Cinque Terre we stayed at
"I Limoni " Camere and Accommodations
This had an amazing view and your own balcony to enjoy it. It's run by a small expat english family.

In Florence we stayed at La Loggia Bed & Breakfast.
It's an Apartment we rented in Florence It was great location.(walking distance to the Dumo and Uffizi) We could go out for the morning and back to the apartment for lunch.The apartment was a great way to save money on food it has a kitchen and is well stocked with milk,cereal,olive oil etc.

In Rome we stayed at crosti apartment it an apartment run by a hotel so you get a good breakfast every morning in the hotel also the apartment had a kitchen and laundry.

Do not buy your train tickets ahead this is very easy to do while you are there. The kiosks are in English.

Let me know if you have any specific questions. Hope this helps Enjoy your stay.


christine, just bella said...

Ahhh, Italy! This is almost the exact itinerary for our honeymoon. We did Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Vernazza, and Venice. Ah, I'm so jealous! You're going to have an amazing time!!! Please eat lots and lots of pistachio gelato for me!