Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lamp Twins

So I was on pinterest the other day (of course I was!) and I kept seeing pictures of this gorgeous stylish home-- and suddenly I saw a lamp that looked very similar to one of mine.

Monika Hibb's writes the blog The Doctor's Closet-- and she has quite the stylish bedroom...

Monika Hibb's home featured on the Glitter Guide

And now a picture of my living room (picture from another day-- it most definitely DOES NOT look like this right now...)  Do you see it?

I was intrigued-- of course.  So I did a bit of reading and found that we are indeed lamp twins.  I've always loved my living room lamp-- but somehow seeing it in a super stylish home that's featured on a super stylish blog makes me love it a tiny bit more.  Gotta love a good Home Sense find!  

Oh, and I was inspired by one more thing...

That outfit-- in Italy-- in 2 weeks.  I think yes :)

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