Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitchen Countdown-- it continues

Love this kitchen.  Instead of a subway tile backsplash like the last one, we've got a marble.  And it look like quartz countertops-- very similar combo to the kitchen my husband and I worked on a few months ago.

I'm loving that light above the window-- we're planning to rip out the bulkhead above the upper cabinets and window in our kitchen-- so I'd have room for a fantastic light above my kitchen sink.

Oh, and someone asked about paint colors in my house!  I did a post on that a long time ago-- you can read all about it HERE.


Anna said...


I am a recent follower of your blog and fellow Canadian :)

In case pinterest didn't have a link this photo is from

That light fixture is a DIY from a desk lamp! I loved this detail. She also did this over a giant pin board. Very budget friendly.

Team AC said...

Looks great... I like both the tiles and the marble.

By the way, what is bulkhead lighting?


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