Thursday, February 09, 2012

Oh Martha

I love martha.  I love office supplies.
So when I found out that Martha was making office supplies pretty at Staples... I went... and I bought.

I bought the prettiest file folder labels.
Tax time will now be pretty.

And I'm thinking about these kitchen labels-- moisture, freezer, and microwave safe?  No way!

I also bought a teeny tiny little blue accordion file folder.  It fits into my purse.
Disorganized receipts?  A thing of the past.

Our local staples had an entire aisle of pretty Martha labels.  I was so mesmerized by all the pretty stuff I didn't notice when Eme kicked off her shoes and ran away.  I found her in the next aisle shortly after.  It took a little longer to find her shoes.  Into the cart she went!

Definitely worth checking out.  You can read more about the products here.


Krista said...

i had the same experience. oogled them in the aisle for a while. i wanted to buy some labels for addressing our wedding invitations but i decided it was too early. and you know anything martha isn't going anywhere :)

Elissa said...

oh Erica-- totally saw it in walmart last night! it was totally fantastic!