Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Snow Angel

Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland around here.
Emerson decided to go along with the winter theme as she was selecting her outfit for the day.

I thought she looked like a cute little lamb in this picture.

Approximately 3 minutes into wearing this outfit she 
spit up all over her dress.
She sure didn't smell cute during church.
BTW, those hairy arms and man hands holding her up are Doug's, not mine-- 
in case you're wondering.

This morning she woke up from her nap looking slightly less angelic.
"Scary" was more along the lines of what I was thinking.
Time to cut those claws fingernails.


kelly ens said...

VERY cute outfit.
whenever the kids would wake up with a scratch on their face, i knew it was time to clip their nails :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

She really did claw her face, eh? It's amazing how sharp those nails can get

Erica said...

yikes! cute dress though! very nordic looking.