Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Non-Nap Weekend

Hey Chubby Cheeks.

Yup, she's my chubby baby.  
At her 4 month shots, Emerson weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz.
Today she was wearing a bit of a fancy dress, so we decided to casual it up with some jegs and a cute little toque.  Look at how excited she was about her outfit.

This weekend was the non-nap weekend.  Our choice, not Caleb's-- we were out and about for most of Saturday and Sunday.   He actually asked if he could go to sleep a few times.  Funny kid.  He still naps for 2-3 hours each afternoon... I'm not about to tell him that it's abnormal for a 3 year old.

But we were busy this weekend!  While we were at home Caleb enjoyed working on his letters.

We decided to make an impromptu trip across the border for some shopping.  Caleb ate a piece of pizza that was bigger than his head.  He has a big head.  It was a very large piece of pizza.

We spent this afternoon at our friend's farm.  Caleb visited the cows.

He also got to drive a tractor.  With help.

And now we're finally home and the kids are sleeping.  Bliss.


Erica said...

Thanks for coming today! We had fun with you guys!

Carol said...

Emerson doesn't look too impressed with her outfit, but I think it is sweet! My, she looks like her brother!

Melissa said...

Phew! You had a full weekend! Love Emerson's Sunday outfit! Her momma sure dresses her well!

Bonnie said...

Emerson is always so stylish! And those chubby cheeks are irresistably cute!

{ as we know it } said...

I love her hat! Kylee has outgrown all her cute hats :(