Monday, January 24, 2011

Prepare yourself for a Wii-diculous post

Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Here's a little recap of our weekend.  It was Wii-eally exciting.

1.  I taught Caleb how to use the computer.  He has 2 bookmarked tabs with games that he can play (CBC kids and Boowa & Kwala).  He's quite excited about it.  At first I was going to hook up our wireless mouse for him to use, but then I remembered how experienced he is with our ipod.  It can still be a bit tricky for him, but he's picking it up quickly!!

It takes EXTREME concentration for him to move the arrow across the screen...

Doug and I took the kids to Red Robins for dinner.
We were extremely disappointed to discover that they no longer have Dr. Pepper on their menu.

The boys took in the bike show this weekend.
For some reason this picture scares me just a little bit.

Progress was made in our bathroom.  Doug put up a new toilet paper holder (the old one fell off since the previous owners had only screwed it into drywall).  He called me into the room to see it.  I was very excited.  Actually, I shouted: "it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!".  Bet you didn't think you would ever be reading about something like this on a blog.  Ever.  

As of this weekend our downstairs office is FINALLY finished!  Those bookcases were a real pain.  Literally.  I learned a pretty tough lesson last week-- I should never attempt a painting project on my own.  I was getting really anxious to have it finished, so I put the kids down for their naps and spent a few hours painting one afternoon.  Usually I'll just help Doug with the painting by doing the taping and by working on the baseboards-- anything that doesn't require me to lift my left arm above shoulder height.  But that afternoon I was so desperate to get it finished that I pushed myself a bit too far.  The next day I could barely lift my left arm-- and it was like that for THREE days.  Never again.  Doug finished things up in the room over the weekend and we started to move our stuff back in.  More pictures to come shortly!

As you may have guessed, we bought a Wii for the kids... and Doug.  We took some of the kid's Christmas money, emptied Caleb's piggy bank (he takes all the pop cans to be recycled with Doug and gets to keep the money) and headed out to Walmart to pick up a Wii.

In the car we told Caleb what we were about to purchase.  He seemed pretty excited.  Then we told  him that we could stop at McDonalds for a snack afterwards.  Screams of excitement, dancing, and high 5's took place.  If only we would have known that a happy meal and toy would have been sufficient.

Once at Walmart, I was quite dismayed surprised to discover that the bright red Wii was the one being put into our cart.  Apparently it's the only one that comes with the Super Mario Brothers game.

But now that it's in my living room I really don't care.
What I do care about is the fact that Caleb can beat my at golf on Wii Sports.

As I was saving the pictures used in this post to our computer I titled the album:

"Wii really need to get a life."


KDees said...

Love the look of concentration on Caleb's face! I haven't started Graham on CBC Kids yet, but Tyler plays and Graham is just happy to watch the action! Great post again, Elissa!

Carol said...

I so enjoy your posts!

Erica said...

Yes, you got that Wii for the kids...a 3 year old and 5 month old. Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify the purchase Elissa:)
Also, nice work on the TP holder!

Trev and Rebekah said...

My son would LOVE to have a wii. Try for caleb too. Isaiah loves that page.