Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Stalking Pays Off...

Like many of you, I read my friend's blogs.  I also read the blogs of complete strangers.  One of my favorite 'stranger' blogs is Aubrey & Lindsay's Blog.  I saw it featured in Style at Home a while back and decided to check it out.  I've been a faithful follower (and non-commenter) ever since.  They've got some pretty great DIY stuff going on in their house-- check out the before & after's of their basement and master bedroom.  Amazing.  So back to my blog stalking.  A while back Lindsay had a series titled Mommy Week on her blog-- and there were several awesome giveaways.  I decided to break my non-commenting streak and enter a couple of the giveaways.  And what do you know, I totally won this fabulous ERGO Baby Carrier!

Gotta love the mirror assisted photos.  Classic.  Reminds me of those pregnancy photos from a few months back.

Emerson and I have been trying it out lately, and we're loving it.  When she's in the carrier, Emerson will tilt her head way back and look up at me with this intrigued look on her face.  So cute.  I was a bit worried about how the shoulder straps would work for me (for the blog newcomers out there-- I have a pretty messed up left shoulder due to a car accident a few years back) but I find that most of Emerson's weight rests on my hips so it's been pretty comfortable for me to wear.  And the best part is... it's an adjustable carrier so Doug can use it too!

Thanks Lindsay for the awesome carrier :)

But that's not all!  Erica, a friend of mine from the good old Bethany days also had a giveaway on her blog-- first one ever.  And what do you know, I won that one too!  I scored a cute little handmade toque for Caleb.  Thank you Erica and Odd Duck Creations!

After much coercing and threatening on my part, I managed to get Caleb to stand still long enough to take this picture of him modeling his new toque last night.  It's not a great picture-- but it's not blurry and I can actually see his face.  Mission accomplished.

So there you have it folks, blog stalking totally pays off. 

Now it's back to the basement to put in my time with those crazy bookcases.
Sometimes I wonder who's winning the painting war-- me, or the bookcases?
Nope.  The kids win every time.


KDees said...

Sweet!! Winning anything, even if it's small is extremely satisfying and exciting! How is your shoulder doing, by the way? Are you still in rehab for it?

Elissa said...

Hey Karen, I still go to physio every so often to try and maintain the progress I've made. Other than that, I just try to do exercises at home-- when I have time :)

Lindsay said...

Ohhh!!Emerson looks so comfy!! xo

Trev and Rebekah said...

How nice to win free stuff. Did you just have to comment on their post or something?

Bonnie said...

You lucky duck! I always complain that I never win anything but I guess it would help if I actually entered some contests ;) Sweet prizes!

PS: You look gorgeous in these photos! So does your sweet Emerson! And Caleb looks so cute in that hat!

Lindsay said...

so does that mean all my blog-stalking of your blog will pay off and I'll win something? ;)

SwissMiss said...

And I am one of those blog stalkers, by way of Karen Dees' blog :-)

You need to check out Young House Love. Tons of DIY and giveaways!


Jamie said...

That toque is really, really cute! And I'm glad the carrier is working for you!

Karis Brandes said...

Funny you'd write about blog-stalking, because I stalk your blog (I kinda know you via Waldheim/Bethany/mutual friends) I also own Odd Duck - I'm glad Caleb's hat fits him!

Sandy said...

I agree, funny you write about blog-stalking, I too have stalked your blog....only because, my daughters and myself were in that same accident with you and your family.
We wondered how others were after that horrible day, and upon trying to google info from that day and the police report - we came upon your blog.
We have loved following your blog....I've always been a "non-commenter" because it just felt too wierd.....but with your blog about blog stalking, thought I would take the opportunity to say hello.

Elissa said...

Hi Sandy, Thanks for taking the time to say hello. I too have often wondered about the other people who were involved that day... glad you've enjoyed the blog!