Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy 5 months Miss Emmy!

And now... check out the scene from this morning.
I know what you're thinking... crime scene.

We call it breakfast with blueberries around here.

Yes, my three year old still sits in his high chair on occasion.
With a mess like this, do you really blame me?


Tanya said...

Aw, she's such a cutie. Growing so fast! And I love the name Emmy. That's what I call Emma as well. :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

I like that you call her Emmy!

Oh Caleb, I love that picture!

It was so nice having you all over last week. Let's do it again some time.

Bonnie said...

Happy 5 months Emerson! You're such a beautiful little girl!

Definitely don't blame you for using the highchair-- that is some messy business!

Dan and Lynn said...

Your kids are adorable, Elissa! I haven't had a chance to read blogs for the last month or so, and I finally caught up on your blog. Looks like you guys have been keeping busy and having fun! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie Enns said...

Hey Caleb, You look pretty cool. Not sure what he is up to, but I can why he is in the high chair:)