Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Recapping Christmas

Wow... I am guilty of many things this Christmas-- blog neglect, taking terrible pictures, and wearing sweatpants almost exclusively.  You will witness all three by continuing to read this post.

So!  Here's a recap.  We arrived in snowy Saskatoon the morning of the 25th-- had to get up WAY too early to catch the flight.  Caleb started coughing quite a bit during the flight-- the cough escalated into a full on asthma flare up that day which led to him throwing up and very little sleep.  A merry Christmas it was...

But Caleb still wasn't too sick to open presents...

As you will see in these pictures-- pajama-like clothes are encouraged during Christmas holidays.  

One of the first things Caleb noticed about my parent's place was the absence of a star on my Mom's tree.  He was quite concerned.  So he built one out of lego (with Auntie Angie's help)

My sister Angie and I (picture taken during an extended family get-together-- hence the non-pajama apparel.)

Angie introduced Caleb to apple cider.

What do I like about this next picture? (besides my beautiful sisters) The fact that it showcases some of my Mom's recent DIY projects!  She painted the china cabinet in the back and made some awesome pinch pleated drapes.  Nicely done Mom :)

Caleb's finger was located in his nose pretty much the entire week.  My camera was hijacked one night and these pictures (along with many more like them) appeared...

Looks like Caleb inspired a nose picking revolution.

What did I tell you?  Terrible pictures.

Emerson, meanwhile, was being spoiled by pretty much everyone.

Caleb was pretty excited to play MarioKart on the Wii-- except when he had to drive by the Cactus-like figures that tried to attack his car.  He would throw down the controller mid-game and run from the room shouting that he didn't like the scary cacti.  (The word 'cacti' was introduced to his vocabulary by his uncle-- Tyler, not Joel.. incase you're wondering).

We went out for dinner for my birthday.  Emerson slept through the whole thing.

More straws = more fun.  According to Caleb.

We took Caleb skating for the first time!!

The moment he stepped onto the ice he took off-- shuffling as fast as his bob skates would let him.
Then he fell.  And it was game over after that.

On Doug's birthday we left the kids at home with my parents and went out for the evening-- we took in a 3-D movie.  The 3-D glasses proved to be more entertaining than the movie.  At some point in the evening Doug may or may not have said: "These glasses will not protect my eyes from the sun, but they will not protect me from being cool."  I'm pretty sure a pair of those glasses made it home with us.

And then it was time to fly home.  We decided to switch it up a little-- instead of taking the first flight out in the morning, we took the last one of the day.

During the drive on the way to the airport I overheard this conversation taking place in the backseat.

Caleb:  "I'm exhausted."
Doug: "Do you know what exhausted means?"
Caleb: "It's when you lose your hair."

Hmmmm.  It was a pretty late night.

Our flight didn't leave Saskatoon until 10... it was a bit of a gamble.  I figured the kids would either freak out on us... or they would completely zone out and we'd breeze through the entire flight.

The decided to take the zoned out approach.

During the flight Emerson was either sleeping... or staring at me like this.

It was a great trip.  We did pretty much nothing except relax.
Gotta love getting out of town for the holidays!!!


KDees said...

Despite the nose-picking, asthma attack, PJ-wearing and bad photos, it looks like your Christmas was lovely! Happy New Year to you guys!

Jamie said...

Micah and I read this together. And the pictures inspired him to join the nose-picking revolution (like he was never a member in the first place - ha!) His words, "It feels GOOD to pick your nose!"
Great post Elissa - loved all of it. Emerson looks so big in that last picture! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon...

Bonnie said...

I'm all about the pajama apparel at Christmas time. I also enjoyed lots of time in my hoodies & lulu sweats.
Loved all the pictures. Glad you had an awesome time at home!