Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today's Etsy Picks

I had big plans for today-- plans to get out with the kids and enjoy this warm sunny November morning.  But instead we're stuck at home because of this...

Yup.  Tis' the season... asthma season that is.  Caleb's a pro when it come to dealing with his asthma episodes-- he's a real trooper-- but on day one of an asthma flare up I like to stick close to home.  So, I've been doing a little Christmas shopping online this morning and found all kinds of fantastic things on Etsy :)  I've been admiring some of the vintage charts and prints from this shop and thought I should share a few of my favorites.  All of these prints would be super adorable in a kids room or nursery.

First up-- birds.  Aren't they so stinkin' cute?

You know I like fish.  You could put it in a little boy's room-- or your bathroom if you want to keep them for yourself like me :)

Okay, I was totally laughing out loud when I found these dinosaurs.  Caleb would freak out if he saw them.  Instead of hanging a Dinosaur Train poster-- how about these fantastic dinosaurs?

I'm thinking that most little boys wouldn't object to airplanes.  I wouldn't object to these ones either.

This vintage BC poster is pretty cute.  If you live in the area you should snatch this one up!

Now, I've never been one to think that cacti are cute-- but I happen to thing that these are the prettiest cacti I've ever seen. 

And those are my favorite Etsy finds of the day!!

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Flowers2boys said...

wow those are beautiful... that dinosaur print is my favorite, oh and the BC print too - i think purchasing a print for each province, then having them framed and hung in a row (vertical or horizontal) would be so cool on a long wall!
awww... poor Caleb with his mask, he sure looks cute though.