Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis the season

It's time to let the Christmas festivities start in our house.  This week?  Baking.  Caleb and I have been baking up a storm.  Sugar cookies, muffins, and yesterday-- gingerbread.  My favorite.  I used this recipe.  It is hands down the BEST gingerbread recipe I've ever tried.  And the instructional videos help too :)

So last night I somehow got it into my head that I should pipe and flood these cookies instead of just smearing on the icing-- my more typical approach to icing cookies.  So I got to work... and somewhere along the way I managed to convince Doug to help me.  At one point he looks at me and says, "who really has time to do this anyways?"  I start laughing.  "Obviously me."

As time consuming as it was-- they sure look pretty-- if I do say so myself!

So... now that we've got the cookies... I think it's time to pull out the decorations...  tis the season!!


Jamie said...

yum :)

Anonymous said...

I always start the season with grand ideas of fancy decorating and then by the time I'm baking, I've lost the incentive. Your cookies do look fantastic so I may try the flooding method this time...maybe.
Aunt Char

The Koops said...
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The Koops said...

I feel exactly the same! I bake the cookies, enjoy making them painstakingly beautiful for about 10 minutes before I think "really, they'd taste just as good if I smeared them all..."

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What a fun treat. My kids will devour this.

Riyanna Lopez said...

My kids will love these cookies for Christmas. I'm definitely making these.

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