Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Morning Shop-athon-- with kids

This morning-- a cold rainy morning-- the kids and I went shopping... tile, bathroom lighting, and kitchen faucet shopping.  Not for me-- unfortunately-- but for someone else who's doing a full scale reno.  So we hit the road and had fun.

The two kiddos were doing their best to give me a helping hand in the tile shop-- but let's just say that instead of helping they were giving me a heart attack more than anything else.  Stop!  Don't touch that marble mosaic!!

But we found two great not white not subway tile options-- hello beautiful polished marble backsplash. You look nice... real nice.

(BTW-- if you're looking for tile go to Tiles for Less here in town-- good prices, clean and organized, very spacious-- you could actually wheel a stroller in there-- wish I'd brought mine :)

Martha pulls through in Home Depot.  Finally-- an affordable and attractive bathroom light fixture.

I gave Caleb an education in selecting kitchen faucets.  There are two styles.  Three hole-er's...

And one hole-er's...

That's the extent of my technical kitchen faucet terminology.

And that was our morning-- a whirlwind shopping trip complete with stops at both Timmy's and McDonald's for bribery purposes.

And now... silence.  The sweet sweet sound of nap time :)

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{ as we know it } said...

Oh how I wish you were reno shopping with me! I've been thinking if you a lot lately :-) Nice finds!