Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Here fishy fishy fishy...

So about my post last week-- if you guessed "fish" than you'd be correct!  I've always thought that vintage/antique pictures of fish are so cute.  As I was perusing Etsy for maps I stumbled upon the most awesome fish picture ever.  It was an 1886 chromolithograph of various fish-- and it was spectacular.  I wasn't going to buy it-- I was just admiring the fish-- but when I showed it to Doug he really liked it too!  And since Doug loves to fish I thought that it would probably be a fun addition to our home.  There's a lot of "me" in this house-- we needed a little more of "Doug" in the house.

So I bought it.  Then I waited for it to come.  As I was running out of the house for preschool pick up the other morning I found the package on my front step.  I didn't have enough time to open it (it was REALLY well packaged) so I figured I'd save it for later.  In the car on the ride home I told Caleb that there was a special package waiting for us to open at home.  I decided to play a little guessing game with him-- "Inside the package is a picture-- a picture of an animal."  "Monkeys!!!"... Caleb says.  I go on to tell him that it's a picture of something Daddy like to catch when he has free time.  "BUTTERFLIES!!!"  Caleb exclaims.  Nope-- Doug does not catch butterflies in his free time... not as far as I know.

So we get home and I begin to open the package (only after a long discussion over why Caleb is not allowed to use the knife to help... and no he doesn't have his own knife... and no he cannot have his own knife...)  And as I pull it out of the envelope I find this...

Most adorable packaging ever.  I was not expecting it to look this pretty!!  And there was a card-- I read it.  It says:

"Thank you very much for your order and for visiting Bananastrudel (the name of the etsy shop)!  We've included a 1931 BC map that we thought you might also like."

What!!!?  I guess they must have seen all the other great items in their shop that I had "hearted".  Look at how cute this freebie of a map is...

How's that for great customer service?  You really should go check out Bananastrudel for other really cool stuff.

So I love my free map.  But you know what I love even more?  My fish.  I started giggling when I saw the fish.  They are so cute.  They make me happy.  I've decided to hang my fish in the bathroom.

The fish are accompanied by Caleb's bathroom toothbrushing portraits.  Now that Eme has 4 (with a few more on the way) teeth she's going to need a toothbrushing photo taken too...

And then my photo shoot was hijacked.

Oh my.  Don't you love those post nap pre dinner hours?  You know-- those hours when the kids go a little crazy?

Anyhow.  My bathroom may not beautiful (yet) but it's fun.  And those fish makes us happy... right Caleb?


kelly ens said...

cute fish, cute map, cute kid...AMAZING eyelashes!!!

Janice said...

Love the fish. Love the kid. What a fantastic Etsy experience. Way to go!

Stephen and Melissa Thiessen said...

Hi there,

I found your blog through a friend of a friend and I was curious about your picture frames in the bathroom (the square white ones) Where did you get those? I LOVE the idea that you put pictures of your boy brushing his teeth in the bathroom. And I also love the square frame and mat and can't find something like it anywhere.
(ps. LOVE your blog. So many great ideas. Your house is beautiful!)