Friday, November 04, 2011

It begins

Important announcement.  I just had my first gingerbread latte this morning.  Full fat.  With whipped cream.  Suddenly I have this overwhelming urge to pull out my Christmas wreath and start decorating for Christmas.

Seriously now.  What do they put in these things?  A little Christmas cheer?

Sidenote-- I really didn't think my front door would still be purple.  It was supposed to be painted this summer.  Oh well.  Another day... another year.

Anyhow-- don't worry-- I will not be setting up the tree or doing any other premature Christmas decorating-- not yet.  Doug would have a heart attack if he came home to discover the Christmas tree in the living room.  But maybe a little Christmas music would be appropriate-- any recommendations?

Just thought I'd say that I was feeling a little festive :)

Happy weekend!!


Lisa Lu said...

Yay! I'm not the only "crazy" one! I think it's this chilly weather, but it certainly feels like Christmas is coming earlier this year! Our decorations(sans tree) will be out soon, too. With a baby coming in the first half of December, it's an early Christmas or none at all over here!

If you haven't heard it already, the new Michael Buble CD is a good one! Check it out on iTunes and if you like to have the hard copy, Amazon has a good price!

I'm looking forward to my first Christmas-clad Starbucks drink soon!

kelly ens said...

i am WAAAAAITING for my Monday Starbucks treat to finally have my first eggnog latte of the season. but it's true, i am feeling ready for the Christmas season already :) love it!

Anonymous said...

Still have my Thanksgiving wreath on the door but I did have my first peppermint hot chocolate of the season at Starbucks the other day.
Saw your adorable nephew Cohen today (only at his age can you have gas and still be adorable!)

KDees said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas yet...I'm afraid much to do and think about! I love it, but only after I have a good handle on gift-buying, baking and decorating and this year, so far, I'm not even CLOSE!! However, if you're looking for a great Christmas CD, any by good old Michael W. Smith puts me in the mood. I saw him live last year with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and was blown away. Music always speaks to me, but I just didn't want that concert to end! His latest Christmas CD is especially good. Also, Josh Groban, if you like him, has an excellent Christmas CD too! :) mmmm, maybe I should haul out some of my Christmas music! I'm getting in the spirit!

Unknown said...

I am dying to get going on decorating! I fear that if I start too early it will somehow lose its sparkle:) Also, I feel I should wait until at least after Remembrance day out of respect. So that means one more week!

Danae said...

mmmm... had my first creme brulee latte yesterday! oh, and i love the James Taylor Christmas collection :)

Bonnie said...

Its hard for me to think about Christmas when I constantly have sweat dripping down my face and back. But I sure could go for a gingerbread latte. I'll have to see if the Thailand Starbucks sell them? Not sure whether they would or not.

As for music, I hear Phil Wickham just put out a Christmas album. I bet it'll be good (that is, if you like him as much as I do). :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry the door is still purple, we were going to get on that this summer. I put up a xmas wreath also, not waiting this year. Mom