Tuesday, October 04, 2011

An Owl and a Deer

So as of the weekend I am officially crutch free!!  To celebrate my new found freedom last night I left the house on my own and went shopping.  I'm still moving pretty slowly and am not the most graceful walker out there-- but I can definitely do a lap or two around Home Sense :)

Last night I came home with two little things for the kids rooms.  I have wanted to find a cute white ceramic owl for Emerson's room but haven't been able to find a cheap one.  I really loved these owl bookends from Indigo...  but they were $29.99 plus shipping.  Way too much $.  And now they're sold out.

But last night I found this cute little owl for $4.99.  The color isn't exactly what I want-- kind of bronze-- but I might spray paint it white.  What do you think?

White would look good in her room... I think.

How can I resist throwing in a picture of Eme in her new jeans.  They've made me smile all day :)

And now for Caleb's room.  I've been wanting to get a cardboard deer trophy for his room for the longest time.  How fun would one of these be in his room?  I found a small one at Cardboard Safari for $12-- but after paying for shipping the total was almost $30!!  Way too much for a couple of pieces of cardboard.

But, I found this metal one at Home Sense for $14.  I was a little unsure of what Doug would think of this find-- but he actually liked it!  Caleb calls it his Moose.  Now I've just got to find a spot to hang it...

So that's what I bought on my first post surgery Home Sense shopping trip.  An owl and a deer.  Just call me crazy.


Carol said...

You deserved these purchases on your first shopping outing after all of these weeks!

Gord and Andrea said...

i am planning on going to homesense tomorrow to find myself some cute little ceramic animals :) they are perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Soo cute jeans on Emerson, I would love a Home sense shopping trip too Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Rich wants to put a real deer head on our wall some day right above the fireplace - I think I'll just encourage the cardboard ones instead. $30 is worth it, don't you think? Love the jeans on Eme.
Aunt Char

Anonymous said...

Definitely paint the owl white. Emerson is growing up so fast - the jeans look good on her. Congrats on getting rid of the crutches.


Unknown said...

Two great finds! You're making me want to go shopping! glad you are up and around on your own!