Friday, October 21, 2011

More Maps

I've been ignoring this blog over the past few days.  I don't have any new pictures to upload and share-- so how about some pretty pictures?  Here are some rooms with maps on display-- they totally inspired me when I was hunting for the perfect map for Caleb's room.

I currently have one of these Expedit shelving units in my basement.  It most certainly DOES NOT look as neat and organized as this :)

Single maps are great-- but how about this triptych?  I kind of just shocked myself with my vocab abilities.

A collection of maps.

I love how this big map is paired with a modern crib.  How cute is that!?

Now how about these next two hanging maps?  Unframed... casual.  Love it.

Awesome.  So is that bench.

What a great kid's room.

This map looks old.  It's pretty fantastic.

Happy Friday!!

All pictures are via pinterest.


Amy said...

triptych - nice. I have a really cute map from Home Sense in Hannah's room. Its a painting and is really cute.... I'd have to show you a picture because explaining it would be useless. Love the maps!

Flowers2boys said...

maps are super cool...

and just a comment on the neatness of that bookcase, i can almost guarentee that it did not look like that 10 minutes after the kids were allowed back into the room... hee hee

luv the vintage maps the bestest!

Flowers2boys said...

ps... i meant to spell guarantee, shesh!! (i can also guarantee i will forever be poor at spelling)

Anonymous said...

Maps are great on the wall but even better off the wall. Owen spends hours poring over a world map that has the flags of every country around the edge. He will trace things and wage small wars using his mini tanks and airplanes on the map. It does manage to get more beat up this way but worth it in the end.
Aunt Char

Kelsie-Lynn said...

I love all the maps we have two that need putting up and you are inspiring me to do it. I was wondering do you like your Expedit shelving unit? I am considering one for our basement for the toys and I was wondering if you use it for toys an if you like it. Thanks and hope you are having a great time with your family.

Elissa said...

I do like my Expedit shelving unit-- we've had one for years and are always able to get some good storage out of it!