Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boy or Girl...

My sister's having a baby!!  What are we at now-- 5 days overdue?  I can hardly wait-- every time the phone rings I jump (not literally) and run (not literally-- knee surgery, remember?) to the phone hoping that it's THE CALL.  Until then-- I'm waiting... and online shopping for baby stuff :)

An Auntie's gotta make a baby blanket for the little one-- right?  So-- I thought I'd share some of my favorite flannel picks from Fabric.com.

Here are my favorite boy flannel options...

1.  Baobab Flannel Geometric Shapes White/Coco  2.  Timeless Treasures Tailor Flannel Herringbone Cream  3.  Timeless Treasures Tailor Flannel Tiny Houndstooth Black/White  4.  Zoo Menagerie Flannel Blossom Blue  5.  Amy Butler Loves Flannel Sunspots Mint  6.  Claire Bella Flannel Links Blue

And girl...

1.  Della Flannel Flora Blossom  2.  Claire Bella Flannel Links Pink  3.  Amy Butler Loves Flannel Tumble Roses Pink  4.  Bliss Flannel Birds Tangerine  5.  Amy Butler Loves Flannel Cypress Paisley Mint  6.  Zoo Menagerie Flannel Blossom Pink

Boy or girl... I love surprises :)  Can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!


kelly ens said...

you didn't really ask for opinions, but i figure i'd share mine. haha!
boy: bottom row, #1 & #2.
Girl: top row: #1; bottom row: #3
happy waiting!

Erica said...

the title of this post had my heart pounding! My first thought was that there would be a fifth in YOUR family!! Anyway, yes, you do need to whip up some blankets for new baby. I love the bird one! I just bought flannel for my new nephews. I'll have to show it to you when the blankets are assembled!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elissa,
I'm Erica's mom and just wanted you to know that I read your blog and I love it! Thanks for posting your ideas and thoughts, and sharing your stories of life.

Happy sewing, crafting, creating, designing, mothering, and healing.