Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apparently I was wrong...

So I was shopping at Superstore with Caleb on Sunday night.  Of course-- it takes me a while to actually make it to the grocery section of the store.  I tend to get hung up in the home goods section.  I spied these metal bins and decided to pick a few of them up for the house.  I remembered seeing them used for storing fabric scraps over at Rambling Renovators a few days ago.  Doesn't this look great?

As you may know-- fabric is a bit of a weakness of mine.  My fabric collection does not look this pretty-- those metal bins would help.

And then I remembered seeing this on pinterest the other day.  How cute is the basket of books!?  I stood there in Superstore dreaming of all the ways I could organize and store the kids toys and my crazy fabric stash with those metal bins.

image via pinterest

So I grabbed a few baskets and added them to the cart.  I asked Caleb if he liked them.  He told me they were pretty cool.  He thought we should get three.

An hour later we get home from our grocery shopping trip.  Doug and I are unloading the groceries in the kitchen.  I look around for the baskets and they've disappeared.  Where did they go?  Well apparently-- as I was standing there dreaming of beautifully organized toy and fabric storage-- Caleb had been dreaming up a totally different use for those baskets.  Apparently they aren't baskets.  They are cages for his animals.

And wouldn't you know-- they also work great for building castles.  I've said it before-- why do I even bother buying toys for these kids?  Non-toys are so much more fun...

**sidenote-- is it just me or does this "castle" look a lot like an inukshuk?**

Anyhow... Caleb gets the baskets for now.  I'll let him have his fun.  Besides, it gives me yet another excuse to procrastinate cleaning/organizing the downstairs toys.... "I thought I was buying storage baskets but I really bought cages..."


Unknown said...

Love these! If they have them at my superstore they are going to be mine!!! LOVE that you used them for fabric but they make fun forts/castles too:)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Hahahaha! I won't show this post to my Chloe for fear my fabric-storing metal bins be turned into cages too. Too cute.

Team AC said...

ha ha, the cages totally made me lol! I was NOT expecting that as I scrolled down your post.
And yes, I see the Inukshuk resemblance!
Love your blog, as always!