Sunday, August 07, 2011


Lego building?  check. 
Counting to 100?  check.
Spelling your name?  check.
Mastering various kids computer games?  check.
Riding a bike... needed work.  seriously.

This weekend was bike riding boot camp.  If you tried to find us at home... we weren't there.  We were at the park, both days, forcing Caleb to ride his bike.  And he did it.  He's now a full fledged bike rider (with training wheels).  Day one-- he totally knocked our socks off and made it all the way around the lake-- with quite a bit of encouragement, of course.  Day two was even better.  Doug commented in the car on the ride home: "wow, Caleb did so much better today-- and I mean riding his bike... not so much with the whining."  Still a work in progress :)

For some reason the sight of Caleb riding along on his Tigger bike caused quite a stir.  I kept hearing... "hey, look at that Tigger bike!"  "look at the tail!"  "Hey Tigger!!"

It must have been the view from the back.  It is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself :)

Emerson was quite content to watch her brother from the stroller.

But after several hours of biking at the park, boredom eventually set in.

Caleb got to finish off his bike rides with a round of frisbee toss in the park.  He LOVES to play frisbee. I have never seen a kid whip a frisbee like he can.  And as of tonight he's figured out how to catch one too.  Here he was-- absolutely bubbling with excitement-- trying to tell me about his latest catch.  

And a few non-sporting accomplishments of the weekend-- eating a whole pear that wasn't sliced up.  This was quite entertaining.

And finally riding in the double car cart at Home Depot.  This was apparently not very entertaining. 

And that was the weekend!  If you want to find us this week-- look for us-- and the Tigger bike-- at the park.


Jamie said...

Way to go Caleb!
You need to talk to your cousin Micah though - ever since we almost mastered NO training wheels at the start of summer, every attempt at doing it again has been wrought with tears...
Emerson - you are adorable when you're bored.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Way to go Caleb! Isaiah is looking forward to biking with you tomorrow!