Friday, August 26, 2011

One Week

One week since surgery.
One week since I've left the house.
One week since I've left the couch.

It's been one LONG week.
I'm going just a little bit stir-crazy.
Actually, a LOT stir-crazy.

But thankfully I've had lots of help.
And lots of entertainment-- courtesy of this little cutie.

So... one week down... many more to go...


Flowers2boys said...

you poor girl... maybe it is time to see if you fit in that home sense shopping cart!!
although your knee would hang over the side... so maybe try one of those red costco flatbed trolley cart instead... i am sure caleb would have a blast pushing you around... but make sure you post pics if you decide to do that!! wishing you all the best!

Kirsten said...

Happy Recovering!!

GSFALK said...

Yeah! One week down... sometimes maybe it is better to look back than ahead. I hope you find lots of things to do from the couch.