Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ugh, she's back...

At least that's what I think they say-- "they" being the employees at Home Sense when I march into the store on a Monday night with two kids and a camera.  Yup, this is how we roll.

Normally I wouldn't be dragging the kids to Home Sense in the evening. And really, I'm not dragging them there-- they love it-- just LOOK at the excitement on their faces.  Nope, I'd be going by myself.  But Doug was out fishing last night... apparently the sockeye season was only open for three days this year-- yeah, I guess I WAS listening...  so he made a trip to the Fraser while I made a trip to Home Sense WITH kids.  With surgery just a few days away I've been feeling the need to get out while I still can!  

Now, let me share my favorite Home Sense find with you all-- hope you enjoy it-- these kinds of posts won't be happening again any time soon :)

I think if I had this office chair I would actually enjoy paying bills and organizing all of our paperwork.  Wouldn't you?

This little metal stool-- I can't think of any reason why I would need it or what kind of purpose it would serve-- but it is just so awesome.  If you have an extra $59.99 burning a hole in your pocket you should really pick it up.

Now, last night I kept finding things that would be awesome in a kids room.  I fell in love with these poufs.  They would look amazing in an all white modern nursery-- a hit of color and retro fun is always needed in a fantastically cool nursery :)

Maybe a nursery like this...

Or maybe this one...

I also fell in love with this area rug.  Oversized colorful flowers-- perfect for a girl's room.  So cute!

Now, I don't usually wander into the kids furnishings area-- the stuff in that section is usually pretty un-cool and very cheesy.  But I actually did find one thing in the clearance bin that I thought was worthy of a picture.  This multi-colored striped quilt was really great.  It would be perfect for a boy's room that's got a fun nautical vibe going on.

Maybe a room kinda like this.  Cute!

Wanna see something NOT cute?  Check out this fuzzy purple upholstered headboard.  Oh my.

See what I mean about cheesy?  Almost as bad as the soccer and football style headboards behind it!  Speaking of cheesy-- so is this post :)  Well, I won't be heading to Home Sense anytime soon over the next few weeks-- so hopefully the staff at the store will enjoy a nice break from me and the kids!  That is, unless I can convince Doug to take me and the kids-- I could probably fit into that cart too... right?


Jamie said...

Hmmm, this just reminded me that I should look at home sense for an area rug for the kids room...
Oh and feel free to do any online browsing for me while you're an invalid :)

Bonnie said...

That purple headboard IS frightening. Yikes. :)
Love your other finds. Did you leave with any of them?? :)
Praying surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery. Enjoy the time with your parents around!

Jacqueline said...

Love that you said She's back I often feel that way in store but I have 4 kids so its probably true. They look happy my kids cry when we start to enter Homesense! Best of luck with the surgery praying it goes well.

Gord and Andrea said...

those are the coolest looking nurseries :) i love them!!

Amber. said...

I love Home Sense! I try to stop by for a quick walk through whenever I am close by. It's one of those stores that you gotta keep going back to, as the treasures (or lack thereof!) change so much from week to week.

All the best with your surgery!! Praying for you!