Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Time and Free Magazines

Oh today.  My first day without someone to babysit me OR my kids!  It's just just the three of us.  I go through moments of laughing hysterically at how hilarious my situation is (seriously-- how on earth does one parent two kid from the couch?!) and the next moment I'm horrified.  How on earth will we survive this day?  We will survive but it's gonna be messy!  I laughed out loud when I read in the info packet I received from the surgeon-- apparently you're supposed to take AT LEAST 6 weeks off of work to recover after this surgery.  Stay off your feet and keep your leg up for 6 weeks.  Somehow mom's don't get 6 weeks... and they sure as heck don't get to collect short term disability while sitting on the couch!!

I won't disgust you with more pictures of my ridiculously swollen feet-- today I will entertain you with a picture of my un-showered- un-makeup-ed, and un-attractive self.  Oh, and then there's that other attractive kid...

So if you know me-- I cannot sit still.  To me sitting still = torture.  Yesterday I was starting to feel a bit more daring-- I'd managed to get out of the house for a bit and thought that maybe it was time to start doing more.  Then I got curious and decided to peek under the bandages covering my knee.  The doctor told me not to touch them-- I wish I would have listened.  I expected to see a row of a few cute little stitches and instead saw a whole lot of industrial looking staples and other nasty stuff.  I quickly re-wrapped my knee and tried to not be so grossed out.  Easier said than done.  In the end it was probably good that I looked-- I needed a reminder to sit still and not do too much-- even if that means the kids go a bit crazy.  I can't mess this one up-- I do not want to do this again!!

Alright so enough about me... and onto something a bit more entertaining and no so yucky.

I love magazines.  Picking up a magazine while I'm waiting in line at the grocery store every once in a while has got to be one of my favorite splurges :)  For years I've subscribed to House and Home and Style at Home and I've kept every issue.  I have them organized in my office and am always pulling out old issues to page through when I have a few moments to relax!  And let me tell you-- I've had more than just a few moments to relax these days!  When you are forced to sit in the same spot with your feet up for 15+ hours a day you  a stack of magazines is essential!

But you know me and free.  I love a good freebie.  Did you know that there are lots of really great online home decor magazines that are totally free?  Many of them are pretty new-- but over the past year I've been checking a few of them out and some of them are pretty great!  While I still love being able to sit and page through my print magazines, online magazines have a few perks-- like videos, playlists to enjoy while browsing, and if you see a product you like clicking on the image will take you directly to the it's website for more info.  Let me share a few of my faves with you:

Lonny.  This one's probably the most successful online mag out there-- and I'm digging it.  They have featured some absolutely beautiful and unique places and spaces-- ones that have become new favorites of mine.  Out of all the online mag's this one-- in my opinion-- has the closest feel to a print magazine.  Definitely one you should check out.  You can start reading here.

Rue.  This one is similar to Lonny-- also a good read.  You can start reading here.

TradHome.  This is a one time issue (I think) that was a collaboration of  Lonny and the print magazine Traditional Home.  There is so so much good stuff in this online issue.  A must read!  You can start reading here.

Adore Home Magazine.  I'm not as familiar with this one-- I think it's an Australian based online mag-- but they've got some good stuff to look at!  You can start reading here.

House of Fifty.  This is a new venture started by a couple of bloggers.  It's pretty new but they have lots of do it yourself user friendly ideas!  You can start reading here.

So I hope you have a few minutes this Monday to enjoy a cup of coffee and one of these free magazines!  I sure will-- if I can somehow manage to find a way to feed and put the kids down for their naps with crutches!!  Let me know which one's your favorite!


kelly ens said...

Ever checked out, or (my personal fave as i love food and photography)? Those might pass some time for you too :)

Carol said...

Good luck to you and the kids on this first day being on your own. You are one brave and clever woman - if anyone can manage, it's you.

Trev and Rebekah said...

Hope your day went better than expected. Was nice to see you yesterday!