Friday, April 20, 2012

Roll Play

Now, I normally am a fan of the weekend.
But I happen to be a HUGE fan of THIS weekend...

Because, some of my favorite people in the whole world are flying out for the weekend (my siblings and cute little nephew) just so we can all see Coldplay tomorrow night in Vancouver.

Can't wait.  If it's even half as good as viva la vida was three years ago-- it's going to be a fantastic concert.

We've all been pretty excited about the events of the weekend around here...

A few days ago we were driving in the car and were talking about how all of Caleb's Aunties and Uncles were coming to visit.  He said, "Oh yeah!  That's when you're going to Roll Play!"

It was just so cute and sincere I couldn't even correct him.  So if Caleb asks... Mommy and Daddy are going to see Roll Play tomorrow night :)

But first-- tonight we're having a little birthday party at our place-- my LITTLE brother is turning 22 today!  They're flying into town in just under an hour now... gotta start blowing up the balloons, pull out the angry birds ice cream cake and hang the "happy birthday" banner-- Joel Caleb's going to LOVE it :)


Anonymous said...

Wish Mom and I could be there, at least for the birthday party and the chance to see you, Doug, Caleb and Emerson. Have lots of fun!

Erica said...

So great to be with family and have fun! Enjoy "Roll Play"!! Love that kid of yours :)

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