Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bring on Summer

It's raining outside today (shocking-- I know) but I've been dreaming about summer this morning.  Why?  How?  You might be thinking...  Well, I watched the first two episodes of Summer Home on HGTV Canada and suddenly I want to do summery things-- like sit at the beach, play in the water, go camping, and eat a whole lot of smores.  And I could spend some time in this lake side cottage from the first episode-- isn't it adorable?

Such a cute before and after...

Samantha Pynn is equally adorable in her new HGTV show.  She's super silly and cute-- the whole show is full of dorky jokes that make me giggle.  After watching her dancing with a broom and attempting to use a table saw I am quite certain we could be friends.

You can watch the first two episodes of Summer Home online HERE.

Bring on summer!!

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Gord and Andrea said...

that is EXACTLY what i said to gord... i giggled a bunch through the whole thing and i am certain her and i could be friends :)