Monday, April 23, 2012

Over the Weekend

What we did this weekend...  well...

We had a spontaneous surprise birthday party for my little brother-- with homemade decorations and a hand crafted party hat-- complete with pom poms.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Caleb was probably more excited about Joel's birthday party than Joel was.  I guess spending your 22nd birthday with your three older sisters isn't all that exciting.

We also saw Coldplay (amazing!)  My little brother touched Chris Martin's hand as he ran by... surely that should make up for a lame birthday party with your sisters.

We also spent quite a bit of time in the big city.  Gotta take the sisters out shopping.  It's a rough life but someone's gotta do it...

Of course... we dragged the kids along... but they had fun.  Caleb enjoyed being a burger king.

I've been meaning to get Caleb's hair cut... but after seeing City and Colour I'm thinking we should keep growing out the top.  All we gotta do is trim up the sides and the kid would have some serious Dallas Green hair...

And then this morning it was just Caleb and I-- we went out to a local dairy farm for a preschool field trip.  Fun times had by all.  We milked a cow, fed some hay to the cows, pet the baby calves-- but of course, the highlight for all the four year olds was watching the cows make some real live mud pies.

And that was the weekend!  Our out of town guests will be leaving shortly-- back to real life :)

1 comment:

stephanie joy said...

sounds like you had a blast in the big vancity this weekend.
yay for coldplay!
they must have been awesome!

thanks for all the tips for travelling... i seriously apprecaite it!
t minus 48 hours 'til we leave.
it's nuts!
i'm so glad to hear it was hard for you... but got so much better.
nice to know i'm not alone in my feelings.
some people think i'm crazy that i'm sad to leave them.
but most of those are people without kids. ;)
so, it makes sense.
anyway... i'll put up some stuff after we're home... of course.
maybe i can sneak on the old blog while i'm there too.
we're not bringing a computer but i'm sure there'll be at least one internet cafe, right?
thanks again elissa!!!