Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Yup, I'm still sitting here

Let's continue on with my "from the couch" series-- because it really is that exciting.  right.

Well apparently summer has finally arrived around these parts... great timing, eh?  I wish I could dazzle and wow you with stories and pictures from an adventurous and fun long weekend but alas, I spent most of the weekend on the couch.  But I did manage to snap a few pics with my phone along the way.

Let's start with Emerson.  She's been learning lots of new things.  Like...  How to dance.  She's got the head bob going on whenever she hears music.  Waving-- this isn't new-- but she's abandoned the concept of "less is more" and waves pretty much all day long.  Crawling-- she's like lightening.  And now she's walking along furniture and starting to stand on her own.  Cuddling-- Eme will now cuddle with me for 5 second intervals.  This is 5 seconds longer than Caleb (as a baby) would have ever sat still.  As of this morning she's figured out how to grind her teeth-- it's driving me crazy.

And... she's been waking up with the sweetest hair lately-- think beehive-- flat on the sides with a big pouf on top.  I dig it.

And now that other kid.  Check out those muscles.  

After days and days spent on the couch I was getting a little claustrophobic.  So we tried to get out to a couple of different parks over the weekend.  I did a lot of sitting around-- Doug and the kids played.  Funniest thing ever was watching them play monkey in the middle-- frisbee style.  Eme was the little monkey in the middle who just never seemed to be able to catch the frisbee flying overhead.  We also hit up the spray park.  Caleb's favorite thing at the spray park was the ziploc bag from his lunch-- he could have run around with that thing filling it up with water for hours.  Why do I ever buy them toys?  My favorite part of the spray park was the insane set of the stairs I had to climb up and down with my crutches.  I'd better have some seriously ripped arms by the time this is over.

And of course-- like I mentioned before-- most of the weekend was spent right here, on the couch.  But we've still tried to have fun.  Like play monopoly.  Caleb beat me quite badly.

And Caleb's continued to spend hours drawing on his Magna Doodle.  This was an excavator.

And let me end this post my saying that I have been well taken care of by the boys in my house.  My hubby's last few weeks have included mountains of laundry, cleaning the house, making meals, grocery shopping, bathing/feeding/clothing/entertaining two kids, getting up during the night with kids, taking care of the yard, taking care of the car, taking care of me-- oh, and working 40 hours a week at his day job :)  I sure do love him!  Caleb's been following his example.  All day long Caleb brings me ice packs, pillows, my breakfast (just yogurt or a granola bar-- nothing too crazy!) and he carries everything around the house for me.  He even moves his sister around the house-- I strap her into the stroller and he wheels her down the hall to her room or to her high chair.  And Caleb latest job is to vacuum.  We have a little mini-vacuum cleaner-- Doug set it up to charge in Caleb's bedroom and he has become my official vacuum-er.  He's taking his job pretty seriously.  Yesterday, in a very parent-like voice Caleb said to me, "Oh Mommy, don't worry.  Daddy and I are going to take GOOD care of you."  And he's right.  Daddy and Caleb are taking very good care of me :)


Janice said...

Very cute. You do have great boys! You can send them my way whenever you're done with them :0

Dan and Lynn said...

Aww, that's so sweet that your boys are taking care of you! Hope you're able to find some fun things to do during this week of sun we're supposed to get!

kelly ens said...

I hope the teeth grinding stops soon for you! :)
sounds like you are being well taken care of by your boys!

The Belvedere-Alyssa said...

What a great little drawer! Sounds like you have some fun little helpers while you are laid up!

Trev and Rebekah said...

How great that your kids are lavishing their love on you! Love the drawing caleb and way to go Em for crawling!