Friday, September 02, 2011

On Display

I love art created by kids.  I also love gallery art walls.  So, if you combine the two you get something pretty awesome.  Maybe something that looks like this...

Caleb LOVES to do art projects.  He started at an early age-- when he was just a wee lad he would head off to daycare where he would craft away the day.  His love of creating has continued.  I literally have an entire filing cabinet drawer that's full of his creations.  One project that's on my to do list for this fall is to find a way to creatively display some of his stylish work!  I've been collecting some pictures of stylish ways to display kids art.  Here are some of my favorites...

Honestly-- this is so stylish and so pretty-- it's beautiful!  Who needs to buy art when kids can create something like this!

A grid of frames up on the wall like this is pretty incredible-- you could put anything into these frames and it would look amazing.  I LOVE it!

Honestly-- skip the fridge magnets and head for the frames.  I've been collecting a bunch of cheap frames and mats to frame some of Caleb's paintings-- because the frames take it from being cute to stylish!  Stylish enough for the kitchen :)

I think the key is to display kids art in a collection-- putting one or two up won't have the same impact as a grouping of pieces.  In this picture these images aren't framed-- but they are grouped together in an artistic way.  Because the room is more casual it works!

Again, in this space it's the grouping and scale of this arrangement that makes this look so amazing!  All this mom did was attach thin strips of wood to the wall, painted them out and attached clips to the grid so that artwork could be rotated and added to the wall easily.  Brilliant!  (For more details click here)

There are hundreds of creative ways to display kids artwork-- just search on pinterest for a while and you'll be blown away.  Here a few more fav's of mine...

Clip it up!!

Magnetic strips.  Oh my-- I am totally digging that pink strip along the bottom of the wall.  And those little boots, and the little chair-- so cute!

And I would love to try this one out-- if you can't store all of your kid's art just photograph it, shrink the images and display them as a collection in a single frame.  Totally modern-- from a distance it looks like a great print-- and the best thing is that you don't have to keep drawers full of artwork!!

So one of these days (maybe in a few weeks!) I'll have to get Caleb set up to do more painting and figure out where I'm going to display it!  I can't wait!  And if you're looking for a project for the long weekend and have stacks of kids artwork-- here you go.  A weekend project just for you :)

All images can be found here


Flowers2boys said...

this is too funny... i have been busily cleaning up the basement and i have had this idea for a kids gallery for a loooong time... i have great ideas but not the free time i need to complete them... anyway yesterday i made my pile and have started the process... thanks for the pics they have totally inspired me to keep going with it!

Amber. said...

Fun post!! I've been taking pictures of Hailey's art for years, as really, you just CANNOT keep it that last photo. Brilliant!

AND, I thought of you today Elissa. Do you read the House of Turquoise blog? (you must) It's one of my favorites. Anyway, the kitchen post today made me think of you!

Hope you are healing up well and taking it easy (that must be SO!) Praying for you!

Bonnie said...

Love ALL of these ideas. You're right... a fridge can only hold so much chaos but the walls are just dying to have some vibrant, kid creativity on them :)

Hope you're doing well & hanging in there!

The Belvedere-Alyssa said...

Love all of these! So sweet to put up and appreciate artwork from your own family!