Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend Plans and Dairy Free KD

I have two very important things to say today.

First of all-- I'm not sure what your weekend plans include, but if I was crutch free and had two healthy working knees I would be spending my Saturday at the Fieldstone Vintage Market.

It's a market being held here in Abbotsford at the Eco Dairy on Sumas Way.  Sounds like there's going to be lots of awesome vintage collectors and local artisans setting up booths and selling their wares.  I would LOVE to go-- but alas-- I don't think my knee could handle it.  But if you need something to do and want to get out of the house-- check out the market!

For more info you can take a look at the Fieldstone Vintage blog or their facebook page.

And now for my second very important thing.  I made dairy free mac and cheese out of that Daiya cheesy stuff.  A little almond milk, some Earth Balance butter, a pinch of flour, some "cheese" and I had the most amazing dairy free cheese sauce.  I mixed it in with some macaroni and let Emerson go to town.  She was totally digging the dairy free, somewhat cheesy, orange goodness.

She polished it off like nothing... and then proceeded to smear gooey cheese sauce all over her face and in her hair.  Oh the things a kid's gotta do around here to get a bath these days... let me tell you.

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carleigh davey said...

you need one of those wheel chairs with the leg lift! i'd push ya!