Friday, September 09, 2011

Afternoon Highlight

This warm Friday afternoon did not start out so great-- I hobbled into the living room to discover that Eme had found Caleb's milk and was chugging it back.  As I swooped in and picked her up she started to violently throw up everything in her system-- thank goodness!  She broke out into some hives and was itchy for a while, but we avoided a trip to the ER.  After the kids were sleeping I decided to not do anything except sit and look at the latest digital issues of the magazines I subscribe to-- I was way too stressed out to do anything else!  My afternoon improved when I discovered a fabulous kitchen in the latest October issue of Style at Home.  And since I just figured out how to snap pictures on my Mac, I decided to share them with you :)

I'd take this kitchen in a heartbeat.

Now I don't know what you're going to think of this next kitchen but I thought I'd share it anyway.  The latest issue of House and Home featured pictures of the 2011 PMH Showhome.  The Showhome's kitchen is yellow-- actually I'd call it mustard.  Do you dig it?

While I probably wouldn't put it in my own house-- I'm loving it.  And there are a lot of features in here that make me happy-- those lights, the backsplash, the style of cabinetry, that rustic island.

Well now.  The afternoon's almost over and the weekend is almost here.  Thank goodness.  If anyone would like to drive to my house and bring me some chocolate or a frap I would probably accept :)


KDees said...

I would bring you a treat, if I could! I'm sure you're going a little stir crazy. Love the yellow kitchen, with the tall cabinets and the light above the sink, but I'd probably NOT do mustard. That's the only think I would change! Fun, stylish photos, for sure!

Gord and Andrea said...

i would take the first house any day. love the tall cabinets of the second house and i like the yellow... just probably not in my kitchen. oh, and that is my cousin in the last picture!!! crazy :) i think her job is working on the H&H showhomes because i saw that she worked on the last one too!!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Wow, so glad you avoided another ER trip

Elissa said...

wow andrea-- she's your cousin?! you're practically famous just by being related to her!!