Monday, September 12, 2011

School Boy

Today was Caleb's first official day of preschool.  He was SO excited.  As we were walking (well, I was "walking" with my crutches) out the front door I made him put on his new backpack, tossed my crutches aside, and tried to take a "first day of school" picture of my cute, sweet, innocent, four year old school boy.

Here's what I got.

If I was Caleb's teacher I'd be thinking that this kid looks like trouble.  Really, he was just so excited-- standing still was difficult.  While Caleb was a little nervous when we first arrived-- once he found the toys he barely looked up when I said goodbye.  And he had a great time.  I asked Caleb what he had done that morning-- apparently they had done "quite many things".   He can hardly wait to go back later on this week.

And how did I get him (and Emerson) down the stairs and to the car in my current invalid state?  Well-- I had a babysitter for Eme during the morning drop off.  When it came time to pick Caleb up however... I may or may not have scooted on my bum down the front steps on my way to the car.  Stairs + Crutches + Holding a one year old =  a nearly impossible situation.  Let's just say the neighbors are in for a show over the next few weeks...


Yvonne said...

These pictures are great:) You could do a fun scrapbook page with them. Yay for a good school experience!

Erica said...

After I left this morning I did wonder how you would manage with going to pick him up. Then I thought "eh, she's got a couple hours to figure it out/get Eme to the car - I'm sure it'll be fine!"

Jamie said...

hahaha - I love that you actually pulled out the bum scoot! Makes me smile :)
And Caleb is such a character - so glad to hear that he loves preschool!

Anonymous said...

I love the "quite many things" quote.
Grandma Toews