Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting the Look for Less

Isn't this pretty?

I saw this pretty picture on pinterest a while back and quickly pinned it to one of my boards.  I loved the tall headboard, the colorful lampshade, the cool bedside table and-- of course-- those awesome graphic pillows.  I knew the fabric-- if I could find it-- was going to be way out of my budget.

But then I was at Target a couple of weeks ago.  I found these tea towels.  These tea towels were definitely in my budget-- just under $3.00 a piece.  They are pretty fabulous in the kitchen... but I thought they may also look fabulous as pillows.

Guess what?  They do.

I can't take total credit for the idea-- my friend Andrea pulled it off first.  It was so easy to make-- I decided to make two.

They work perfectly in the downstairs family room.  They look great-- but if they get wrecked with the kids playing down there it's okay-- they're just tea towels.  Right guys?

Happy Friday!!


Carol said...

Great tea towel pillows!

Wilma said...

Elissa, I am just amazed at your creativity and energy! Love reading about your new pillows. Makes me look at mine and go "old". Wanna make me some?