Tuesday, July 19, 2011

because you asked...

What did I pick up from Anthropologie?  Well... this little bowl.  Isn't she pretty?  

I actually picked these coffee mugs up a while back when we were in Seattle but they are also from Anthropologie.  So fun.  On Saturday mornings Doug and I drink our coffee from the mugs and giggle over how cheesy we are.  We like them :)

And I also found this little glass for the kid's toothbrushes.  Sidenote... when we got home I was very excited to find that my newly planted hydrangeas had gorgeous flowers blooming!  Well... I was 6 am in the morning just drove through the night excited.  Anyhow, I couldn't wait to snip a few blooms and pretty up the house.

And.... this wasn't purchased at Anthroplogie... but it's still pretty cute.  I found this felt flower pillow at Garden Architecture in Saskatoon.  If you live in Saskatoon and need a bit of retail therapy in your life... this store is a definite stop.  So much great stuff.  And when you choose to visit the store you will likely see my mom in there.  She loves that store.  She goes there often :)

Eme really likes her new pillow.  Right sweetie?

But every girly girl with pink flower pillows in her room still needs an AC/DC shirt... right?


Bonnie said...

LOVE your purchases. All of them! But ESPECIALLY that first bowl and the pink pillow. It looks amazing with the granny glam stuff!

PS: Can I admit that I had to click on that picture of Eme to see if my eyes had failed me? I seriously thought she had those scary halloween-gnarled-fake-teeth in her mouth! It freaked me out for a second :) But I can clearly see its just some food. Phew. ;)

Oh, and I'm thinking Friday should work. I'll message you in regards to time.

Melissa said...

Love that you have Saturday morning cups. Also, LOVE the flower pillow! Your ability to locate and create cute and unique house furnishings is amazing!