Monday, July 11, 2011

Farm Boy

While this kid may be from the city... I am quite certain he's actually a farm boy at heart.

From dawn till' dusk he's running around outside taking in life on the farm.
Who cares about cartoons?
Who cares about mosquitos?
Who cares about taking a bath?

He's got stuff to do.

Every so often he crawls into my lap smelling of sweat, bug spray, and sunscreen.
His hair is all crazy.
His feet are DIRTY.

And he's so happy.

He's even told a few people that he's moved here.

Don't know how we'll convince him to get into the car at the end of the week.


Mel said...

Hey Elissa - I'm really enjoying your blog! You probably remember who I am, but just in case you think I'm "the creepy person that you DON'T know" commenting on your posts, I'm married to Dave Berg - we went to BBI with Erik & Jamie - and Rosanna was out here in working with our kids last year. Anyway - LOVE that first pic of Caleb and the cow!!! Super creative shot.

Carol said...

Every little boy's dream come true! Great photos!

kelly ens said...

fantastic!!! :)

Erica said...

easy, you lie :)

glad Caleb is having such a great time. I am sure the rest of you are too!

Dan and Lynn said...

That is too cute!! Glad to hear Caleb's enjoying his time on the farm!

KDees said...

So awesome. I love it when boys smell like sweat, dirt, sunscreen and bug spray.