Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Experiment

So while I was assisting my Mom with her fabric shopping we found a little pink striped goodness.  We just couldn't resist.  Can anyone say granny glam?  Yup... Emerson... pink stripes are coming soon to a room near you...

But then I got a wild and crazy idea.  What if I could turn the stripes into something kinda like this?

Well... I've been measuring, and cutting, and sewing, and re-measuring, and re-cutting, and re-sewing.  And somewhere along the way I think I figured out how to do this...

And by the way... I somehow managed to take this picture with one arm while physically restraining my almost 4 year old with the other.  Couldn't handle having that light switched on and off one more time.  Gotta love mommy multi-tasking.

Now I've just gotta make something out of it.  Throw pillow maybe?  They seem to be my specialty :)

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

You seriously never stop amazing me with your decorating prowess. It's about time you had your own Etsy shop!