Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rejects, Outtakes, or whatever you want to call them...

Spent some time going through this year's pictures for some 
Christmas photo projects.
There are some real winners in there.
Also, some losers.
Then there are the ones that crack me up.
How about we take a little stroll down photo reject lane?

Shopping-- all. day. long.

Superhero distracted by Dora.


Can't decide what freaks me out the most.
The albino croc, or my son.

If your hair took 20 minutes to blowdry, you'd do this too when it starts to rain.

Caleb's first 4-D movie experience at the Atlanta Aquarium.  This is pre-movie photo.  Just a few short seconds after the movie started Caleb began screaming in fear and jumped into my lap.  I carried him out of there as fast as my pregnant belly would allow.  Next on the aquarium tour-- the featured exhibit-- when sharks attack.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I will not tell you which words came to mind when I discovered this on my bed at 11 pm.  Apparently piles of clean but unfolded laundry tend to appear when you're a working mom attempting to get 1000 things done on Saturday... your one day of freedom.  In the moment of discovery I felt like crying... instead I whipped out my camera and took a picture.  Knew that it would be funny... one day.  It is.

All kids are weird.  Mine included.

Again, all kids are born weird.  And it's our job to make them normal...?

Me:  Ow, my back.
Caleb: Ow, what a wedgie.

Give me some ice cream and leave me alone.  Seriously.

I've been in this car too long...


Photo shoot gone wrong.  Even the professional is no match to a screaming infant.

Only one of us is cute making funny faces.

Again, only one of us is cute making funny faces.
Like I mentioned before, all kids are weird.  It's our job to make then normal.

 Reality hits... being a big brother isn't all I thought it would be.
Reality hits... I'm stuck with this kid as my big brother.  Terror.

Oh Emerson.  You don't get to choose your family honey.  We still love you... even when you look and sound like this.

Dance party at our place.  You look just like your father when you dance.

Oh the crazy lives we lead.


KDees said...

Hilarious! Great entertainment for my Thursday morning. I think we'd get along great if we lived closer to each other, Elissa! :)

Erica said...

Great post Elissa! Way to love the not-so-Kodak moments!

Bonnie said...

This brought great joy to my day! Thanks for sharing these :) I laughed out loud at the sore back/wedgie picture! Along with a few others ;)

Melissa said...

Ha! I do the same thing when it rains because my hair also takes 20 mins to blowdry!