Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a little pre-Christmas Vacation...

We've been on the road this week... Doug had a few days off from work, so we packed up the kids and took a trip up the Sea to Sky.  The last time Doug and I did this we were child-free!  It's always fun to get out of town, and this trip felt especially Christmas-y with the snow and mountains!!

We spent a lot of time in the car over the past few days.  Both kids did awesome in the car.  Caleb chattered away in the backseat.  There wasn't a peep out of Emerson the entire trip.  Seriously.  The moment we hit the road she would fall asleep. 

Some classic car shots...

Doug dutifully kept his eyes on the road while I (annoyingly) snapped away.

First stop of the day... Shannon Falls.  Caleb was quite excited!
He was practically jumping for joy.

 Classic Emerson shot... stuck in her stroller.

Next stop.  Lunch.  Caleb amazed both Doug and I with his name writing skills.  I knew that he could write his first name-- when I say write I mean "kind of write all of the appropriate letters on the page in no particular order".  But we were shocked when he went on to write his last name... he only got stumped on the "W".   Totally picture worthy.

Our hotel room in Squamish.  Great deal, great place.  I only noticed Caleb about to fly in the background later on when I went through our pictures.  Apparently all semi-bouncy surfaces must be jumped on.  Immediately.

Then on to Whistler for the afternoon.  First stop-- Starbucks, of course.  Doug and I both had the usual.  Caleb tried the hot chocolate.

Emerson was the star of the show in the sling.  She was happy as a clam in there-- and everyone wanted to stop and take a peek.

Checking out the after-effects of the Olympics.


Caleb was quite excited to watch the skiers and snowboarders in action.  Maybe next year his Daddy can start with the lessons!

We found a large mirror in Lululemon and decided to take a family photo.  That task proved to be more difficult than expected.

Back in our room for the night.  Emerson was quite intrigued by the fireplace.

Caleb enjoyed his bowl of popcorn.  It started out on the couch.  But after I tried to sneak a handful...

It moved to his lap.

It was a short getaway-- we made our way home this morning because I had a dentist appointment (yuck!)  I'm still frozen as I type.  But taking short family trips like this are always fun.  And, it got us excited about our actual Christmas getaway-- just 10 more days!!


Erica said...

How fun that you guys could get away! Looks like you had a great time.

Courtney and Jon said...

Lovely photos!
Where are you going in 10 days?
What sling do you have?
I don't know if you answer these here or on my blog or FB haha :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Elissa! We can't wait to see you in 10 days!
Ang & Tyler

KDees said...

Looks like a wonderful family get-away! Fun to make memories even if it's just a short trip!

Bonnie said...

Sounds awesome! Whistler is always a good time. Seeing the snow in these pictures made me nostalgic for good ol' Saskatchewan Christmases. Enjoy your time back home!

Melissa said...

We love Whistler, too! Looks like you enjoyed a fun family get-away! You do a great job of documenting your adventures with photos!

kathleen marie said...

I love it!

I also especially love the self-pic of you with Caleb in the background...looking JUST like you :)