Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Countdown...

The Christmas Countdown is on!
This year, I've decided to make the most of the pre-Christmas season since last year was a definite write off (just in case you need to be reminded).  So while I'm at home with the kids during the day, we're doing all that fun Christmas stuff to keep busy!  Caleb's totally eating it up.  He's lovin' the Christmas season this year.  Here's a few of the things we've already completed... not in any particular order:

1.  Tree's up (that process was summarized here)
2.  Sugar Cookies have been made and decorated... twice (here's a recap of round 2)
3.  Christmas shopping for Caleb's cousins began (mainly due to the fact that my doctor was running an hour and a half late when I showed up for my appointment this week-- I wasn't about to stay there with two cranky kids-- I took them to Walmart instead :)
4.  Lightning McQueen chocolate advent calendar has been started (once I found it-- I decided to hide it from the boys until December-- unfortunatly I also hid it from myself)

5.  Caleb and I made some crafty Christmas ornaments... he got this crown at Keziah's birthday party a few weeks ago.  He likes to wear it when he does crafts now... I call him the Craft King.

We made these three Christmas ornaments... Caleb insisted on doing the angel himself.  It looks like an alien angel to me.  Doug calls it a smurf angel.  I tried to redeem it by adding the gold bow.  Still scary.

6.  Gingerbread Cookie dough has been made and is chilling in the freezer-- I tried a new recipe today-- not sure if it turned out since I had three crying children in my kitchen at the time (yup, we've got an extra kidlet here today).  I'll let you know if they work out!
7.  Christmas crafts have commenced... today's craft-- handprint trees!  Caleb and his little friend each did one... then Caleb did a second for Emerson.

8.  I officially let Caleb drink hot chocolate for the first time.  We'll call it lukewarm chocolate.  He was pretty pumped about the marshmellows.

9.  Christmas music is playing!
10.  We flipped the switch... on our Christmas lights that is!  They were still on the house when we moved in, compliments of the previous owners.  Can you guess what color they are?  If you guessed multicolor, you'd be correct!  They're actually pretty fun :)
11.  I pulled out my Merry Cranberry Lip Balm from the Body Shop.


12.  I switched from mint to cinnamon gum... figured it was a little bit more festive.
13.  I've been teaching Caleb all about the Christmas story.  It's so fun to think about it through a child's point of view.  He's been working hard to learn his memory verse of the week-- "The angel said: Do not be afraid!"  The first few times it came out as: "Do not be afraid of the angels!"
14.  And last but definitely not least, many many many of these beverages have been consumed.  Oh how these Christmas drinks bring me cheer :)


Now, here's what we have yet to complete:

1.  Building a gingerbread house-- Doug's pretty pumped about this one
2.  We need to take the kids skating (Emerson will remain in her stroller :)
3.  I'd like to decorate Caleb's room with some of the ornaments he's created... since they're too scary for my tree.
4.  A few more batches of Christmas cookies need to be made
5.  Christmas shopping needs to be completed
6.  I think we need to have a family Christmas movie night... possibly The Polar Express?
7.  Many more Christmas crafts will need to be accomplished.
8.  And, I shall continue to enjoy many more Christmas beverages from Starbucks :)


Bonnie said...

I love the "Craft King" picture and the alien angel... very funny! Also laughed out loud about his memory verse mix-up :)
My personal favorite is the Caramel Brule right now. Is that what that picture is of? Either way... I'm now CRAVING one, so thanks a lot! ;)
Enjoy the rest of your festive busyness!

Erica said...

my favorite item on your list is the are really taking the holiday season to a new level there!

Trev and Rebekah said...

Love the angel! Love all your craft share where you get them from!

If you go skating or swimming this month let us know. We plan to go a few times yet.

Rosanna Toews said...

Saw 'angel' this morning... it has loomed in my thoughts all day... love you guys!

GSFALK said...

You are so ambicious! If I get my peppernuts made tomorrow, I'll be pretty happy. That's my cookie 'list'!