Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas cookies & more...

Let the Christmas cookie decorating commence!
This weekend Caleb and the other Little Toewsies got together to do some cookie decorating.  

They took their job very seriously.
As you can see... the sprinkles were flying.

It was a spontaneous cookie decorating party... so I had to scrounge around in my kitchen to find decorating supplies-- I managed to find some of those candy cover black licorice goodies.  They looked festive and colorful, the kids loved decorating with them... but after the cookies were eaten I found little pieces of half chewed black licorice pieces all over the kitchen.  I asked for it.

Silas was not so into the decorating.  Eating was more his style.  Actually, licking off the icing and discarding the cookie was his preferred activity.

Last Sunday I forgot to take and post a picture of Emerson in her Sunday best.  I was scolded in church this morning for the slip up :)  So, here's this week's cute little outfit.
Emerson decided against a dress this morning-- since she had a few new items to wear after our shopping trip earlier in the week.

Hello jeggings.

And every girl needs a pair of sparkly gold flats-- gotta match Mama :)

And Daddy walks into the room.  Emerson likes her Daddy.

 And a pink headband compliments of Mama.

Oh Emerson, what a big girl you are!


Trev and Rebekah said...

How did your shopping trip go? Yes those leggings are cute.

Erica said...

Thanks! I LOVE the jeggings and gold flats...she is just as stylish as her mom!

Lindsay said...

baby jeggings? too cute!